How To Fix the Nasher/Museum Tower Issue

So listen, the other day I was watching Superman II and I totally came up with an idea that will fix everything.

It happens toward the end of the movie, when General Zod is using his laser beam eyeballs to heat up semi trucks and make them explode. So then Superman comes in and uses his freeze-breath thing to cool the truck down, and bends the truck’s mirror to reflect the laser beam burny thing back on Zod.

And then it hit me. All the Nasher needs is a carefully placed mirror reflecting toward the Museum Tower. Then it can fry them right back.

You’re welcome. Just tell me where to send the bill.


  • What

    That is funny

  • RAB

    Uh, are you new to this blog? Your “idea” has been suggested, oh, maybe a hundred and eighty-seven times before by just about everybody in the Frontburner nation. (If you don’t believe me, go back and check the comments to every single post on the Museum Tower.)

    But thanks again for reminding us. Again.

  • @RAB: Go easy on Bethany. But you’re right. (Bethany, what’s up, girl?)

  • Bill Marvel

    That;s all the blogs are, anyway – nan infinite set of repeating mirrors.

  • Dubious Brother

    Who was the first one to post the idea on the D blog?

  • It is obvious the tower’s ability to reflect sunlight is critical to keeping the cooling costs down in our forever summer climate.

    It is just as obvious that the angle of the sun’s reflection is destroying the museum’s exhibits.

    The solution then has to accommodate the tower and the museum.

    I suggest an irregular finish be applied to the glass on the tower designed to misdirect the reflection. The first pattern to come to mind is of fractured tempered glass. It would still reflect the sunlight, but not directly at the museum.

    The tower is already so ugly that any pattern on the mirrored glass would be an improvement.

  • Freida K

    Yes, go easy on Bethany because she gets super upset at any criticism – even when it’s not personal. Which is why Tim is telling us to take it easy.

  • Chris Chris

    Has anyone suggested putting a JiffyPop station inside the museum’s garden? Sunlight + kernel goodness encased in foil = Free Popcorn for Everyone.

  • Avid Reader


  • Sommer

    Why not put a layer of transparent solar panels on the windows and use the collected power to run either a cool exhibit, retractable roof, or weak set of fans. Transparent solar cells are not great, topping out at about 20% efficiency, but they can absorb almost all of the infrared light which would help. No idea what the costs are, but maybe 3M would make a donation.

  • David Copperfield

    I have an idea.

  • eddy

    Actually Nasher should install 200 foot blackout scree nets (or as high as needed) similar to the netting used for Golf driving ranges. On the Nasher side of the nets would be artistic drawing, painting etc. The netting/screen will block the reflection. The Nasher if the crown jewel of art for Dallas and must be protected.

    Of course 200 ft or high screen will likely make it difficult to sell 25% or more of the condos but that is the risk the developers took when they failed to taken into account the damage they encountered. The Nasher is entitled to protect itself even if it means its “neighbor” cannot sell 25% or more of its units.