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Rangers’ Young: Too Sensitive–or Just Fed Up?

Thick Skin for the Win
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Over at the DMN (subscription required), the traitor Evan Grant argues that while there’s fault on both sides, the Texas Rangers’ Michael Young is guilty of being “over-sensitive” about his treatment by the team’s management. Give me a break.

Let’s review: First, the brains in the front office asked this All-Star/team leader to switch positions from shortstop to third base. Young did so, and the Rangers wound up winning a pennant. Then, for the upcoming season, the bosses asked Young to move again: give up third base this time and become a “DH/super utility player.” Young may not have liked it, but he was willing to go along with the scheme. Next “trust” broke down somehow, and now Young’s asking to be traded and being called just too darn sensitive. Â

Think about it: If you’d been jacked around by your overlords for several years in a similar manner, wouldn’t you give a thought to walking too?