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Watch The Bachelor With My Friends at Bailey’s Prime Plus

By Laura Kostelny |

Hi. What are you doing tonight? I mean, aside from eating healthy and exercising and meditating and reading a novel and/or whatever else your resolutions dictate? You’re going to the Park Lane Bailey’s Prime Plus at 6:30 p.m. to hang with Reality Steve, Tanner P., and my best friends for The Bachelor viewing party. Yes, yes, those half-price snacks and cocktails may not be on your new diet plan, but they’re on sale. You’re saving money! And while you watch Bachelor Brad get slapped and other nonsense, you can chat with the very people I watch with every week. (Shout out to Rhonda, Jessica, Sarah, Ryan, Alexis, and Allison!) I hate to miss it, but please do let me know if anything exciting happens.