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Guy Reynolds Documents His Meals on Wheels Route

| 1 hour ago

A week from now, on April 4, Dallas Morning News photo editor Guy Reynolds will have a reception for a show at Photographique. It was curated by 1814 Magazine and Allison V. Smith, whose images sometimes find their way into the pages of D Magazine. Allison used to work with Reynolds at the paper. Her mom named D Magazine. Lot of connections going on here. Anyway, Reynolds has a weekly Meals on Wheels route. He brought along his camera. This show is the result. A portion of the sales will go to local Meals on Wheels efforts. You should consider attending. 

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Sports & Leisure

A New List of Hacky Yu Darvish Headline Puns

| 1 hour ago

I’ve done this a couple of times. Is it really possible I haven’t done it in five years? That does not seem like me at all. At any rate, with Opening Day coming up next week, and Yu Darvish set to take the hill (that’s a baseball term), here are a selection of Yu-based puns to get you through the insanely, pointlessly long baseball season.

  • All Yu Need Is Kill (subhead: “Can Darvish get back his mean streak?”)
  • Yu-topia (after a great first month)
  • Now Yu See Me (general)
  • That Thing Yu Do (also general)
  • He’s Just Not That Into Yu (after Darvish is passed over to start All-Star Game)
  • Southside With Yu (after great win over ChiSox)
  • Curling Darvish (offday fun at the ice rink in Toronto, I guess)
  • Melt With Yu (summer calendar piece about Rangers games)
  • Yu Tube (after video of Darvish tearing up the club is leaked, goes viral)
  • The Company Yu Keep (after Johnny Manziel is spotted in leaked club video)
  • Yu Can’t Do That On Television (video still in the news cycle)
  • (Everything I Do) I Do it For Yu (takeout feature on Yu’s translator and American team, as the team tries to change the conversation)
  • 10 Things I Hate About Yu (cranky Kevin Sherrington column)
  • Nathan For Yu (after former Rangers closer Joe Nathan begins mentoring Darvish, following what is now being called “The Manziel Video”)
  • Yu Got Served (run above photo above Darvish turning to watch towering home run)
  • I’m Gonna Get Yu, Sucka (rival GM details plan for acquisition)
  • Now Yu See Me 2 (I don’t know)
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Local News

Meet the Man Who Led ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Through the Iraq War

| 2 hours ago
photo by Brandon Thibodeaux
photo by Brandon Thibodeaux

If you’ve ever been curious about the man who led ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle through the Iraq War, I’d like to direct you to D Magazine contributor Michael J. Mooney’s profile of Jocko Willink in Success Magazine.

Willink was the leader of SEAL Team 3’s Task Unit Bruiser, which became the most decorated special operations team in Iraq. Kyle was its point man. He got his ‘American Sniper’ moniker from his memoir and from Clint Eastwood’s 2015 film of the same name, and Mooney wrote both a D profile and a New York Times best-selling novel about him. Kyle was killed in 2013 at a Glen Rose shooting range by an ex-Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder whom he had been helping.

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Local News

Leading Off (3/28/17)

| 6 hours ago

Mom With Special Needs Son Didn’t Much Care for TSA Screening. Jennifer Williamson wrote on Facebook that she and her young son were “treated like dogs” by TSA agents at DFW. A video of a TSA agent patting down her son has gone bacterial and has now been viewed nearly 5 million times. But we all feel safer, right?

Dallas Uses Cops to Answer 911 Calls. The officers are coming from units that patrol neighborhoods. “That’s putting a Band-Aid on that issue and taking away from the community,” said Councilman Adam Medrano. One of the problems, as I understand it, is that the drawn-out civil service hiring process can’t be accelerated in an emergency like this to hire more 911 call takers.

Former County Judge Testifies That John Wiley Price Threatened to Punch Him. Jim Foster said that Price made the threat after a vote concerning the inland port. Did you take the under or the over for Price’s corruption trial?

Mavs Melt Down Against Thunder. Russell Westbrook racked up another triple double as the Thunder went on a game-ending 14-0 run last night to win by 1 dang point. But Mark Cuban is totally right. Westbrook isn’t a superstar. The loss ensures that the Mavs will finish below .500 for the first time in forever.

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Politics & Government

City Council Report: Time Again to Talk Ethics

| 20 hours ago


A goofy, months-long ethics reform process concluded last Wednesday as the Dallas City Council voted through a package of revisions to existing ethics guidelines. As I’ve detailed elsewhere, initial proposals were to be thought up by an ethics committee made up of city staff members, each with a personal stake in the success or failure of particular council members; additional ideas would be submitted by the council members themselves, several of whom rightfully despise each other. And all of this was to be done during the run-up to an unusually contentious election — as it happens, the first election in the history of Dallas in which every single member is up for re-election. And so a fair portion of the proposals were aimed squarely at specific council members, sometimes with the backing of city staff, who obliged with a dubious, shifting justification in one instance where the end result would be to lessen the influence of the member who has been most vocally critical of them.

Each item would be subject to an up or down vote, with discussion if necessary. First, though, council members could try to attach amendments.

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Politics & Government

Gov. Greg Abbott Brings His Anti-Local Control Tour to Fort Worth

| 22 hours ago

Gov. Greg Abbott spent Monday in a municipality supporting the notion that state regulations should trump those that come out of municipalities like it. The Texas Tribune was in Fort Worth for Abbott’s keynote speech during a Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute luncheon, where he said things like “Is the name of our country the United States of Municipalities? The answer is no.”

Abbott’s selling his argument against local control on the basis of it being a boon for business. The state has previously spiked regulations voted on by the residents of Denton to ban fracking within city limits. Now, Abbott’s highlighting the dustup between the city of Austin and ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, which aren’t operating there because the City Council voted to require their drivers pass a background check.

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Good Public Transit

Dallas’ Poverty Problem Explained in a Single Map

| 23 hours ago

This morning, Shima Hamidi, the Director of the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, briefed the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life committee on transportation equality. If you have a few seconds, check out Hamidi’s whole Power Point. In includes a ton of fascinating maps and data sets (like the one above) that illustrate how issues like poverty, affordable housing, and public transit all fit together. For example, did you know that only 28.3 percent of affordable housing Dallas-Plano-Irving are actually affordable when the cost transportation is factored in?

That statistic sets up the significance of the map below, which I believe tells the story of Dallas’ income inequality better than any map I’ve ever seen.

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Local News

Leading Off (3/27/17)

| 1 day ago

ICE Rounds Up 26 Undocumented Parolees As They Show Up For Community Service. The sweep in Fort Worth yesterday morning is believed to be the largest of its kind in North Texas in recent years. The parolees had been convicted of high-level misdemeanors or low-level felonies, and, according to Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, they had been released from jail by mistake. That seems like a fairly high number of people released from jail by mistake and I wouldn’t mind hearing more about that portion of this story. I know it’s probably referring to the fact that they should have been detained because of their undocumented status, but still.

Denton and Collin Counties Hit With Hail. Golfball- and softball-size hail rained down on the northern part of North Texas last night, and there was a tornado in Justin, as we are firmly in the “cliche about Texas weather” part of the year.

Yu Darvish Named Opening Day Starter. It’s not until April 3, so you guys have some time to get excited and maybe even kick around some old Yu puns.

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Politics & Government

Mark McDaniel’s Seemingly Strange Departure for Kerrville

| 4 days ago

Mark McDaniel, you’ll recall, was the odds-on favorite to be named Dallas’ city manager when A.C. Gonzalez announced he was retiring. Then, lo, the City Council surprised everyone but T.C. Broadnax when it instead hired T.C. Broadnax. With Broadnax “taking care of business,” that put McDaniel in a tough spot. As he told the Amarillo Globe-News in January, when he was a candidate for that city’s manager position, “[I]t’s really hard to take second fiddle and drive from the back seat.” Not as hard as it might be to play a tuba in the back seat while trying drive, but his point was taken. Imagine every meeting with your boss playing out with the subtext that you wanted his job and didn’t get it.

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