Leading Off (8/11/08)

1. Mayor Los Dedos del Tamaño Sorprendente was appointed to the United States Conference of Mayors’ metro economics committee. Apparently that means he’s one of their chief lobbyists now. Go ahead and mark that down as reason No. 371 on the list of reasons why I’m glad I spit the bit with that whole mayor thing, because just typing that was bo-ring.

2. David Slick, a student at Dallas Baptist University, juggled three tennis balls for an extended period of time, setting a record in the “Juggling Three Objects Nonstop” category of the Guinness World Records. Quick, slightly related question: is Dallas Baptist an all-male college?

3. And finally, turns out, 11-year-old Rylee Robinson of McKinney merely found a “very big fish” while on vacation in Florida, not a sea monster or something totally sweet like that.


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9 responses to “Leading Off (8/11/08)”

  1. Kelly says:

    Dallas Baptist wasn’t an all male college when I went there…The reason so many were kicked out for doing certain things in the music room.

  2. Jennie Lane says:

    I guess Ill hang out here all day, Unfair Park is broken……………Hi Zac

  3. Eric Celeste says:

    Wow. Unfair Park is broken. Zac, how red of face is Fingers of Fury right now?

  4. Zac Crain says:

    Hmmm. I’d say maroon-ish.

  5. mm says:

    On the big fish, is anyone else at least slightly bothered by the mom’s insistence that it’s not a fish? I can imagine the disappointment in thinking you’d found something really unique, and finding out it’s the skeleton of a big drum, but she’s in complete denial.

  6. amandacobra says:

    Sorry for the thread-jack but this weekend was the biggest bummer of the summer. Bernie Mac on Saturday. Then L Ron comes and picks Isaac Hayes up on Sunday? Russia’s starting a war? Jesus. This weekend gets a FAIL.

    But you know, congrats to David Slick and his ball thing and stuff.

  7. David Slick says:

    Thanks amandacobra. I juggled nonstop 12h 12 m 12s DBU is not an all male college, but they are super uptight about what goes on there. The security head said guys aren’t allowed to sing love songs to girls in certain parts of campus and stuff like that. It upsets me that DBU is getting some advertisement from my juggling when for the past 3 years they have been trying to stop me from juggling on campus. Yeah, they are that uptight!