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And The Winner of The Reader’s Choice Taco Tournament is… Tacodeli

The results are in, people.
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Kevin Marple

The September issue of D Magazine is all about tacos. I’m sure you already know this. And if you didn’t, you do now. Dallas taco aficionado José R. Ralat ate, like, so many tacos, and then selected his favorites, and then wrote about them. You can read his words here.

But why let an expert have all the say? You guys eat a lot of tacos, too. I bet some of you are taco experts in your own social circles. You deserve to be heard. So we gave you a platform in the form of a taco bracket. We gathered every single taqueria mentioned in the package and let you vote.

Over the past three weeks you narrowed the selection, and today, with bated salsa-breath, we announce the winner: Tacodeli. With 7,552 of your votes in the final round, it’s your favorite of the bunch. It beat Resident Taqueria for the top spot. 

*Loud popping noise*

Confetti falling from the sky

(Confused glances from the people sitting next to you)

Ralat put Tacodeli on his list for their breakfast tacos, more specifically, one called The Otto:

“This take on the classic combo of refried beans and bacon subs out plebian pintos for suave black beans. A creamy avocado wedge, a snappy strip of bacon, and melty Monterey Jack cheese add substance. But what makes this morning starter memorable is its foundation, a nearly translucent Sonoran-style flour tortilla from Dallas’ La Norteña tortilleria, which carries notes of buttery sweetness. Good morning, indeed.”

Sounds good. Go eat it.

This has been the Dallas Taco Bracket, thanks for playing, we hope you had a lovely time. One of you is about to receive an email from our Brand Manager Carly about winning that $50 gift card.

Congratulations to whomever that is.

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