A Potato Salad Kickstarter Homage: Whose Potato Salad Reigns in Dallas?

A $70,000 reminder of our love for the potato dish leads us to wonder: who makes the best?

Apparently that old saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to” actually proves true. Or in this case, whatever you put your Internet access to. A Columbus, Ohio guy named Zack Danger Brown had the dream of whipping up his first-ever bowl of potato salad and set out on Kickstarter campaign in hopes his dream would come true. Naturally, America can’t resist a southern classic like potato salad. Scouring their savings, people turned Brown’s initial goal of $10 on its head by raising over $70,000 (at this publishing) with 24 days still left to go.

Now, Brown is a real swell kind of guy. Giving back to all those that pledged, he set stretch goals for different donor amounts promising things like better mayonnaise (the natural-foods-section kind), live streaming of the actual potato salad making, and he even rented a party hall for the whole internet to enjoy the potato salad party. However, questions still float around. How will he send bites around the world to those that pledged $3? What ingredients will be used? Shouldn’t he just make one solid bowl of potatoes and send the remaining money to charity? Brown does promise one thing for certain: “I will do everything I can to make a bite of potato salad a reality.”

In tribute to Zack Danger Brown and his determination, I encourage you to check out some of my favorite bowls of potato salad around DFW. Tell me what your favorite places are and maybe we can help this kid out, since he clearly has no idea where to start with this highly anticipated recipe.

Flickr/Andrea Nguyen.
Flickr/Andrea Nguyen.

Kuby’s Sausage House
A destination for quintessential German fair, Kuby’s serves up dishes like Wurst teller, Schnitzel, Spaetzle that are customary with their hot German potato salad and red cabbage.

Woodshed Smokehouse
Tim Love keeps it simple with just a little addition of herbs and crispy garlic, but what you don’t know is the fury of heat behind each bite. Swap bites with mouthfuls of brisket and perhaps gulps of milk to keep your clothes from sweating off.

Spiral Diner & Bakery
Mustard-based and extra chunky, Spiral Diner keeps it classic. Expect a creamy consistency and a dill flavor from this version.

Deli News
This potato salad comes mayo-based and on the sweeter side. A New York deli at heart, Deli News sticks to tradition by leaving mustard with the sandwiches. Mixed with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, celery and touch of sugar, it pairs well with the popular Reuben.

Mike Anderson’s BBQ
A summer cookout with a plate of ‘cue and side of homemade potato salad is Mike Anderson’s rendition of a real Texas meal. Heavy on the dill and mayo, it’s just like mom would whip together for the Fourth of July.

Lockhart Smokehouse
Go for the big tub of smoked potatoes tossed in house dressing to accompany your burnt ends for the ultimate indulgence. This rendition is German-style, with chunky red potatoes with pockets of spice and red onion.

Lauryn Bodden is a summer intern and a goalkeeper for the SMU women’s soccer team.