Roll on, Camarena! Tesar & Tequila Schedule Taco Truck Tasting Stop at Sigel’s

Gird your lions. This just in:

Sigel’s + Tesar + free Tequila + multiple locations = an outcome that’s anybody’s guess

On August 18, chefs John Tesar and Phillip Vorkoper of The Commissary, along with Camarena tequila, will host a free tequila and taco tasting from the Camarena Tequila Taco Truck parked first in the lot at Sigel’s Greenville store then moving on to the Addison location. Here’s the skinny:

Camarena Tequila is a premium tequila, double distilled in small Alembic pot stills from 100% Jalisco highlands grown Blue Agave by a sixth generation Camarena family member master distiller. To highlight the affinity of this fine Tequila with great food, Chefs John Tesar & Philip Vorkoper of The Commissary will craft handmade, artisan tacos to accompany the free tasting.

jump for the menu and times…

Sample Camarena Tequila Taco Menu
Beef Tongue Tacos with Roasted Onion and Avocado
Short Rib Tacos with Charred Tomato Salsa and Jalapeno Crema
Pulled Pork Tacos with Roasted Pineapple and Poblano
Smoked Chicken Quesadilla with Avocado Relish and Pico de Gallo
(Tesar says the menu will change though out the month but this is what you might expect)

Camarena Tequila Tasting
Sigel’s-Greenville 3-6pm
Sigel’s-Addison 5-8pm

Camarena Tequilas to be tasted:
Camarena Tequila Silver
Camarena Tequila Reposado
Sale $17.99, reg $19.99

Camarena Taco Tasting
Sigel’s-Greenville 3-5pm
Sigel’s-Addison 5:30-7:30pm