Several Dallas Restaurants Report Taking Reservations for Death of bin Laden Celebrations

So far three upscale restaurants in Dallas have emailed me to say their phones are ringing and the customers are asking for Champagne to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden. Apparently former President George Bush was dining at Rise No. 1 when he got the news. Where were you? How do you plan to celebrate?

UPDATE: Down, Dishers. Stop the nasty emails and go about your lives. I stand by the post above. Our country is celebrating the death of person who murdered innocent people in our country. Poor taste to post what restaurants are reporting to me? I don’t think so.



  • Stacy L.

    This is one of the most tasteless things I’ve ever read. No pun intended.

  • irodguy

    I would agree with Stacy. It’s great that Bin Laden was finally handled. I would not celebrate however, thankful yes, but celebrate no.

  • Kessler Porker

    I’m more upset by Nancy’s bizarre reso/resto lingua kaka.

  • DGirl

    I have a close friend who was in Saudi Arabia on 9/11/01. He was in a very exclusive private club where many affluent and royal Saudis were present. When word came that the first plane hit, there were cheers and salutes all around,. When the second plane hit, they were ebullient – and when the plane hit the Pentagon they broke out the champagne (forbidden by Islam) and celebrate and watched coverage til the wee hours. This group of Saudi nationals were jubilant. I guess you can say that what goes around, comes around. Though we are celebrating the death of one person who took the lives of thousands of innocents. They were celebrating the death of thousands of innocents and the life of one man,

  • DGirl

    PS – typos suck.

  • Jeannie

    I am elfin celebrating. D gril is right! why shodnt we? What do you mean rest/reso? If restsuamts are saying this is happening isn’t it news worthy? how can anyone not celebrate the downfall of this evil person? He changed for the worse how we carry on our lives. Travel ducks because of him.

  • Jeannie

    Sorry I published that. I am on a phone and don’t type so good

  • bc

    Relieved? Yes. Jubilant celebrations? Not sure that’s the exact sentiment that I personally feel.

    Guess I’m not as good of a ‘Murrican as the rest of you.

    I did note that the majority of the people partying in the streets seemed to be college kids just looking for a reason to drink on a Sunday night (they were 8-12 years old on 9/11, right?).

    And Nancy, I’m all for reposting news from what the restaurants are telling you. But the “How do you plan to celebrate?” question put you in an attention getting hat, not the reporting hat you’re trying to deflect with…

  • bc, good point.

  • I Bin Waiten

    If Americans want to have a party and celebrate the death of this evildoer, then let them. Go on about your business – if you don’t like the idea of celebrating OBL’s death over dinner with friends, then don’t do it, but don’t criticize other people’s choices. It’s so unpacifist of you to meddle in other people’s affairs.

  • JI

    GO MAVS!!!

  • Darren

    Very tasteless. Just because they celebrated on 09/11/01 doesn’t mean we need to.

  • American

    You bet I will enjoy the whole year from now. Glad he got killed and even I wish the rest of his gang should be killed tooo…

  • bc

    Don’t ever change though. I like you just the way you are.

    @I Bin Waiten,
    Clever name, or are you an Islamic extremist restaurant server? Either way, agreed on the “to each their own” vibe.

    But, if you’re going to go out celebrating, just don’t go toasting with Cook’s or something. It’s unpatriotic unless you bust out the good stuff….

  • Justin

    Woo hoo, bin Laden bin killed!

    If people want to celebrate I say go nuts.

  • curmudgeon

    This one event carries so many reasons to celebrate from the troops coming home to less loss of life especially American , to the end of a mass murderer and his poisoning another generation of would be martyrs. I think after what they put is through on 9/11 and all that followed we have the right to celebrate this one man’s death and the possibility of mortality wounding their organization. I’ll drink to that. Just my thoughts.

  • I Bin Waiten

    @Darren – Two wrongs don’t make a right but this is America – and we have the right to say what we want. Everyone is responsible for his/her own karmic destiny and if we want to cash a karmic chip by dancing on OBL’s grave, then we can just make it up by adopting a stray dog or something. Bring on the champagne!

  • Jane

    I will not celebrate the death of a evil man by eating. I love food too much.

    However, I will think of him as I pinch one off.

  • DFWFoodie

    To each their own. Absolutely ridiculous are those that are complaining that this post is “tasteless.” Give me a break.

    @curmudgeon – agree with you entirely. Many reasons to celebrate his death.

  • kb

    i am among those that find it tasteless. people can celebrate all they want, but what i think crosses the line is businesses trying to profit off of the death. i truly think it’s very bad karma to celebrate the death of anyone, but i understand the need to want to cheer. and, while i love sidedish, i wish you had not posted this or taken such a flippant tone over what is a far more serious matter. your question “how do you plan to celebrate” is far more suited to a holiday, etc. than a death. and, lest anyone think i don’t understand the pain of 9/11, i moved from nyc a month before, and cried for days seeing my city on fire and so many dead.

  • John

    screw the details, screw the politics, screw the agendas, skrew karma. everyone shut-up for atleast a day and enjoy the fact that the good guys got the bad guy

  • Where can I get some good Pakistani food?

  • sausage on a stick

    @ Jane,
    Thanks for making my coffee come out of my nose in public. I like your style!

  • curmudgeon

    Just back from dinner and you know what revenge is actually better served cold

  • Mike Ramsey

    Well done, Nancy. Stick to your guns on this topic. I like the cut of your jib!

  • Amy S

    @bc – I found out about this event because my 20 year old son texted me about it while I was on vacation. He was one of the college kids all over the nation celebrating the death of a leader of death and hatred. One that they had grown up hearing about and living about since they were in (4th, 5th, 6th?) grades. This is an enemy that they have come to know for most of their lives. The recipe for this generation is not so different from the generation that hated America so much that they planned an attack that killed many innocents, is it? Hopefully not?

  • Amy S

    Sorry, I pressed publish too quickly, because I wanted to add that I also celebrated the death of Osama, because I will never forget the image of people flinging themselves off the towers. Ever.

    I remember exactly what I did on 9/11 – we went to Preston Forest Mi Cocina, I told my husband I just wanted to be around others, with alcohol to numb the days horror. And I remember sitting in the back room and when President Bush made his address we all made them turn the TV on and there was silence while he spoke. We were all crying and then we all ordered another margarita when he was done.

  • curmudgeon

    @Amy, growing up hating an enemy and being brainwashed to the point you are willing to blow up innocent women and children. I think the ingredients for these recipes and the procedures for cooking these two are completly different. America’s recipe was Mise en place. Their’s half baked

  • Twinwillow

    I’ve been ebullient ever since first hearing the news.
    That feeling is celebratory enough for me.

  • chris s

    this is in very bad taste, both the people eating out to “celebrate” the death of a human being and those reporting these peoples’ disgraceful actions. remember: every human being is God’s creation and has a soul. your soul is not worth any more than bin laden’s to the almighty.