In-N-Out Opens in Dallas Tomorrow. Do Your Homework.

I’m sure there will be mass hysteria in Frisco and Allen when the first two branches of In-N-Out Burgers in Texas open their doors in the morning. One reader told me the Allen location was opening at 1:30AM. “That is false,” said Carl Van Fleet vice president of planning and development. “We may open a little early if we have customers waiting (we usually open at 10:30am) but early would be around 9:00am maybe a few minutes earlier if we can be ready.”

If you’ve never been to an In-N-Out, you need to learn a few things about how to order. You don’t want to sound like an idiot and babble on about animal style if you don’t understand what animal-style means. You could end up (sorry) with something other than a cheeseburger. Remember, you are entering a sanctuary filled with a frenzied mass of cult worshipers. To help you, I have attached some must-know background information and our Newbie’s Guide to In-N-Out which illustrates and explains the secret menu.  So open these links, print them out, and study hard. It’s everything you need to know before you go.


  • TLS

    What exactly is a “mustard cooked patty”? The meat is made with mustard in it or the meat is cooked with mustard or do they just put mustard on top as with any burger?

  • the meat is slathered with mustard and cooked on the griddle.The meat absorbs the mustard as it cooks.

  • CB

    And don’t ask for onion rings, a salad, or a chicken sandwich, because there aren’t any, and you’ll only hold up the line. Burgers and fries ONLY.

  • Eder Causor

    Going to Dallas 4th of July weekend and definitely going to stop by. As a Los Angeles transplant now living in Memphis, I cannot wait to have a 4×4 animal style with chopped chilles, buns extra toasted and animal style fries well done.

  • Eder Causor

    And a neapolitan shake!

  • andy

    what is the address of this? im driving through dallas to ms tomorrow

  • Raul

    Stacy Rd and I-75 in Allen, Texas or Preston rd. and I-121 in Frisco, Tx

  • kYle

    Dear God,

    I pray for your guidance as I step to the counter to order my in and out burger. Please do not let me place an order for a double double doggy style, thereby causing the hipper than I could ever be Foodie from receiving the greatest hamburger evah. And should I slip, God, and make a mistake while placing my order, please protect my fragile ego from the onslaught of snark that will rightfully cascade upon me.


  • bluebird

    someone, please go ahead and order that chicken sandwich or onion rings or salad with dressing on the side. thanks

  • Chef Boy-R-Dee


    Did In-n-Out pay for their D Magazine cover story and/or subsequent coverage in D’s blogs?, or has D Publishing had any financial transaction with their company or subsidiaries within the 12 months?

  • In N Out Lovah

    Lol at Kyle’s prayer. I almost spit out the water I was drinking.

  • Misleading headline. Dallas still waits for its own In-N-Out. Neither Frisco nor Allen are even in Dallas County. Use THEIR names in the headline until Dallas, or even the county it resides in, can call an In-N-Out home.

  • Do YOUR homework. In geography, that is…

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  • Dear Chef-R-Dee,
    Yes, In-N-Out paid for the whole D Magazine feature and they pay for our whole website. I have taken massive kickbacks from them for years. That is why I am covering the opening a fast food hamburger joint in my 58th year on earth. I invite you to lunch at the restaurant of your choice. I would like to show you the key to my off-shore bank vault. Other than that, we have no financial transactions with In-N-Out. Obviously the story was big news. We covered it. After today, it is over and I will await the next big restaurant story. That is my job. Bite me.

  • Mel J

    I’m from North Carolina … and I always order In-N-Out when I go to LA (just ask my friends!). We have Five Guys, good, but just not the same experience as In-N-Out. Keep marching East, young man … I want one in my hometown!

  • Steven Turner

    Nancy Nichols –

    Rather than responding snarky to those who genuinely wish to know why something is covered so terribly extensively by D Magazine and wondering out loud about the pay-to-play tactics implied, understand that WE understand that D Magazine has a storied past & present of pay-to-play advertising regarding coverage. D Magazine’s Best of series – particularly Best Lawyers, Best Doctors and Best Real Estate Agents. All paid advertising all by the publication that you so ferociously defend.

    And Chef-R-Dee’s question didn’t have anything in it to warrant your pithy, defensive response.

    Let me be clear: D Magazine, for the most part, is a paid marketplace with a few around town reporting and editorials. Oh, and pretty pictures of pretty people at, wait for it, more marketing & charity events.

    If you wish to be a journalist with integrity, seek life elsewhere. YOU BITE ME.

    FYI, I’ve known Tim Rogers for years (even at the Met) and he has and continues to be a non-issue, a cliche and a joke in Dallas literary & news circles. Your intriguing wit and sarcasm are well shared by your peer group.

    Have a nice day.

  • Allen & Frisco are STILL not in Dallas.