D Magazine’s In-N-Out Burger Cover Story: Behind the Scenes With Photographer Kevin Marple

Kevin Marples secret hotel room studio in SoCal.

I mentioned in the previous post that pulling together the story on In-N-Out Burger’s journey to North Texas was an arduous task. The words came a lot easier than the photo graphs. Although the corporate offices sent us stock art, they would not allow us access to shoot pictures inside a “store.” So we sent our favorite food photographer, Kevin Marple, to Southern California to do some guerrilla photography.

Kevin’s story is quite a thriller. He shot most of his pictures in a makeshift studio a hotel room next to an (undisclosed!) In-N-Out Burger location. Kevin will chronicle his hilarious tale on SideDish on Monday morning. Stay tuned.


  • Jennifer Hayes

    Oh I SO cannot wait for this. It will be a reason to like Monday!

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    One in every crowd. Nothing still counts as something in the world of hits, page views, etc.. Thanks for playing much.

  • BeachMum

    remember when your mom took you to work for kid’s day–now I get to look behind the scenes–thanks D-mag