Cane Rosso Struggles With Its Wood

Just spent a few minutes with Jay Jerrier in his new Deep Ellum pizzeria. The city inspector was in earlier, but a couple hiccups kept him from issuing the certificate of occupancy. Jerrier had the problems remedied and hopes to have the inspector back later today.

The real problem now is Jerrier’s wood. It’s too wet. When I saw him at 1, he’d been tending his fire for three hours, trying to get the oven hot enough for a pie. No dice. The crazy Italian thermometer that read only Celsius was stuck at 200; it needed to be at least 400. Jerrier dealt with this disappointment by bluing the air in a way that made me so uncomfortable that I had to leave immediately and go eat a turkey burger at Twisted Root across the street (where I was Ned Flanders).

Stay tuned for more updates. Maybe Jerrier will have his C.O. in hand and his oven hot by this weekend.

The mural inside Cane Rosso was painted by a friend of Jerrier's, Alyson Thomas. She lives in San Fracisco but hails from Rowlett. You can learn more about her stuff here: Soon enough, Dallas artist Frank Campagna will begin work on a mural outside Jerrier's building.
Here's Jerrier doing his best to get things hot. Alas, his best was not good enough.


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  • Me!

    I know the feeling

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  • That’s what she said!

    We have our CO and Health Certificate…oven is finally at temp! Practicing begins.

    I should also note that, thanks to a SideDish post, Shawn Horne is helping us get up and running!

  • ENB

    Can’t wait!

  • Josh

    I’ve had the pizza at a private function in early Dec. It is awesome.

  • Sherry

    Awesome pig mural!

  • Cheryl

    I am so bored with this place and its constant updates. Open, close, I don’t care anymore.

  • Twinwillow

    Good bye, Cheryl. We’ll miss you.

  • A.B.

    He posted the CO and Health Cert on his facebook page last night.