Breakfast Tacos Remain at Green Spot in East Dallas

Teresa Gubbins of Pegasus News is an ace reporter. She sniffs out news. Especially taco news. Left alone in a glacial ice field in Canada, Gubbins could locate a story about moose tacos. And while most of us lazed away over the weekend, Gubbins filed an extensive update on the taco situation and the new Green Spot Cafe at the Green Spot in East Dallas.

In this installment of As the Taco Turns, Gubbins introduces some new characters to the storyline: a produce broker, shrimp tacos, tortillas from Austin, and sandwiches from Empire Bakery. It’s all here.


  • tacotaco

    Tortillas from Austin???? Way to support local

  • Green Spot

    Unfortunately, all of the wholesale tortilla manufacturers in North Texas use partially hydrogenated oils and preservative in their flour tortillas. I wish there was a healthier local option.