Texas Sommelier Conference: Fisher Vineyards

Andrew Chalk is a wine-loving maniac. I asked him to help me cover last weekend’s activities and he did a fine job. He is still reporting! Here is a quick video he produced on an interesting Chardonnay made by Fisher Vineyards (Napa Valley), one of the 100 wines poured at the grand tasting. Note: special cameo appearance.


  • Isn’t Casey Thompson doing some cooking for Fisher Vineyards? http://sidedish.wpengine.com/2008/11/10/casey-thompson-is-alive-and-well-in-san-francisco/

    Her blog says “Planning Brownstone Restaurant Fort Worth”, under upcoming events.

  • Dang, wished I would have remembered that. Her site has said that for quite some time…

  • Rick Winslow

    Seems she’s been back and forth to Dallas and San Fran a few times recently. Can’t keep up. She’s a bit elusive now. MY contact with her has dried up (like overcooked fish)!