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First Look: Inside Neiman Marcus’ New Dallas Headquarters

The luxury retailer released its first renderings of its new offices at Cityplace Tower in Uptown.
Courtesy Gensler

Neiman Marcus Group is creating three new corporate hubs to promote innovation and collaboration among its employees. It will debut these office hubs within the next year: one each in Dallas, New York City, and Bangalore, India.

The Dallas hub will be Cityplace Tower in Uptown—selected for its close proximity to its flagship store Downtown and its historically highest-grossing store at NorthPark Center. In May, the Dallas City Council approved a $5 million incentive package to keep the luxury retailer in Dallas, fending off efforts by Irving and Plano to lure the company to the suburbs.

According to Neiman Marcus Group’s EVP, Chief People and Belonging Officer Eric Severson, the new Dallas hub will be an innovation center and a place where associates can gather, meet, and strategize.

“The old way of thinking one person to one seat and that the individual stays in his or her assigned seat all day isn’t conducive to the way people work now,” Severson told D CEO. “People now know corporate roles can be productive wherever. We want to create a space where people can come to when they want or need to come together with other people.”

A rendering of the NMG Coffee Bar at its new hub at Cityplace Tower. Courtesy Gensler

Neiman Marcus’ corporate employees have been working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. Severson says there are no plans to mandate employees returning to the office. In fact, Severson said, Neiman Marcus’ remote work model has aided the company in its recruitment and retention efforts.

“By hiring anywhere, we have expanded our talent pool,” Severson says. “It has made it easier for us to hire faster and retain the employees that we do hire.”

The company’s “NMG| Way of Working” emphasizes flexibility and allows associates the choice to allocate their time and choose their location based on what drives results.

The new Dallas hub will feature collaborative meeting rooms and workstations that cater to the retailer’s omnichannel work culture. It will foster teamwork, innovation, collaboration, and infuse technology to create a unifying space for everyone, whether working in person or remotely. It will also feature individual workspaces that are unassigned and can be utilized on an as-needed basis.

Neiman Marcus Group worked with Gensler on the interiors of its new space. It also partnered with Palo Alto, California-based IDEO on its new workplace design.

“Our NMG|WOW philosophy empowers our associates to work whenever, however, and wherever to achieve their best results,” Severson said. “Our strategy is working, and we are seeing strong business performance, more productivity and satisfaction among our associates, and we are standing out among our competitors in a very challenging job market.”

The atrium of NMG's Dallas hub. Courtesy Gensler

NMG’s Dallas hub is scheduled to open in early spring 2023. The company’s New York City Hub will be located at 5 Bryant Park and open later this fall. In addition, a hub was opened in Bangalore, India, earlier this year to support the retailer’s technology needs

“New York is the epicenter of fashion in the United States,” Severson said. “Our Bryant Park hub will be a space for employees and executives to meet, but it will also be crucial for maintaining our relationships with our brand partners.”

The luxury retailer is also exploring other locations for corporate hubs where it has large associate concentrations, including possibly opening an IT hub in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Severson said NMG will keep the company’s previous headquarters—the space above its flagship Downtown store—in use.

“Dallas is where our company was founded 115 years ago,” Severson said. “It’s where our company heritage is.”

Interior of Neiman Marcus' Dallas hub. Courtesy NMG


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