In one of the museum's exhibits, guests step into a kid's bedroom typical of the 1980s. Photography by James Coreas.

Press Start: The National Videogame Museum Opens in Frisco

Photos from the museum's grand opening.

The National Videogame Museum leveled up Saturday with its grand opening in Frisco. The museum features interactive re-creations of a 1980s bedroom and living room, an arcade, a walkthrough history of the industry, thousands of video game artifacts, and more. As much a love letter to video games as it is a time machine for nostalgic gamers, the museum should attract old-timers who remember firing up Pong on an Atari console as well as newbs whose first video game came with three-dimensional graphics.

Go here to see more photos from the museum’s grand opening, or head this way to read our interview with National Videogame Museum co-founder Sean Kelly.

Photography by James Coreas.
The museum is very hands-on: You’ll play plenty of games while learning about the history of the industry. Photography by James Coreas.