Death and Safety

More than 3,000 Texans die on Texas roads every year.  More than any other state and almost 1/10th of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

My guess is zero of those deaths in Texas are due to viaducts or bridges falling on people’s heads.  No, the real danger is being hit by other cars.  As the head of Sweden’s Vision Zero Institute says on this radio program is 90% are due to human mistakes, because the road systems aren’t designed for humans.  Sweden has cut traffic fatalities in half simply by redesigning roads.

The impetus towards maintenance as a means of safety is nice and all, if it were true.  Texas leads the way in spending money towards new construction rather than maintaining what we have.

New construction in Texas dwarfs the money spent on maintenance. The problem with new construction and capacity, that will require maintenance too.

The way we fund and design roads currently in Texas makes roads less safe.  Shouldn’t public safety be the priority?  Shouldn’t reducing deaths be the goal rather than spending willy nilly?

Give a listen to the radio show.  There is high quality information there, specifically from two individuals that will be here in Dallas for CNU23, Norman Garrick and Chuck Marohn.