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Let’s Talk Some More About the Mavs Trade Deadline (Almost Featuring Kyle Kuzma!)

StrongSide editor Mike Piellucci, The Athletic's Tim Cato, and StrongSide contributor Austin Ngaruiya team up to chat about Dallas' big moves, their impact on the rotation, and the one that got away.
Kyle Kuzma was nearly running with the Mavericks instead of against them. Jerome Miron, USA Today Sports.

As some of you may know, I co-host a weekly Mavericks podcast along with The Athletic’s Tim Cato and StrongSide contributor Austin Ngaruiya called The Only Mavericks Podcast—and for those who don’t know the story behind the name, it’s A. a joke and B. a joke we are perfectly willing to have you take seriously if it means making us your exclusive Mavericks audio home. I can tell you it’s a very fun, informative show, and it features a killer theme song written and performed by the great Collin Cable. What’s not to love?

Anyway, a couple of folks here at D recently made an obvious suggestion: why don’t we just post this on StrongSide as a sort of audio accompaniment to our Mavericks coverage?

So this is our first run at doing just that. Some weeks (like this one), it will be all of three of us. Other times, it might be one or two along with a guest (you may see some StrongSiders pop on here, too).

The episode you’re about to listen to which was recorded Sunday just before the Super Bowl, concerns the fallout of the trade deadline: the moves, the cost, the impact on the rotation, and a pretty juicy little nugget from Cato on how Kyle Kuzma almost became a Dallas Maverick.

Feel free to listen below, and if you’re so inclined, please subscribe and/or leave a review on iTunes or Spotify—turns out that stuff really does help podcasts out.

Happy listening, and we’ll see you next time!


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