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Turns Out a Whole Lot of People Hate the Stars’ Logo

More than 3,500 hockey fans were asked to rate every NHL logo. Dallas won’t be thrilled with the results.
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If you’ve frequented this establishment for a while, you know I do not mince words about our sports franchises’ aesthetics. If they are good, I shall tell you. If they are bad, we’ll get into that, too.

So let me assure you that when I say I harbor no strong feelings about the Stars’ logo, I mean it. It’s not iconic like the Cowboys’, nor is it snazzy like most of the Rangers’ have been. But it’s not in urgent need of a refresh like the Mavs’, either. It’s there. It’s fine. It’s perfectly acceptable—the turkey sandwich of Dallas sports logos.

Hockey fans, however, apparently do not share this sentiment. I know because the hockey analytics account JFresh surveyed Twitter users asking them to rate every NHL logo on a scale from 1 to 10. A whopping 3,598 of them responded and, well, see for yourself:

This is all a matter of taste, of course, and perhaps the Stars would finish higher if these 3,598 were asked to rank the logos versus appraise each of them on their own merits. But, still: not ideal when the objectively hideous Anaheim Ducks’ is the only one below them.

Frankly, I’m surprised. Maybe I’m wrong, too, and the Stars actually have the two-day-old egg salad of Dallas sports logos. I’m willing to reconsider my position, for better or worse. Unfortunately for the Stars, the wider hockey world doesn’t appear to be so open-minded.


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