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Let’s Bask in the Best Week for Dallas Sports Uniforms in Two Years

Maybe longer? Either way, take a bow, Cowboys and Mavericks.
Courtesy of Dallas Cowboys

Yesterday, the Cowboys announced a one-week only change to Sunday’s uniform. For the first time since 1976, Dallas will wear the red-striped helmets issued to celebrate the bicentennial, this time to honor military and Medal of Honor recipients attending Sunday’s Salute to Service game.

They look rad:

In a normal week, this would be the only on-field fit worth discussing, but it just so happened that these dropped two days after the Mavericks unveiled this year’s City Edition uniforms, which are a damn delight:

This is, by a comfortable margin, the Mavs’ best look since the NBA began the initiative in the 2017-18 season. While that says at least a few things about the competition—everything prior to last year’s white-and-golds should be memory-holed, although I grant that the graffiti look from 2019-20 was well-intentioned—these are objectively great and, for my money, rival last year’s all-green look and the updated skyline jerseys as Dallas’ best alternate uniforms in years.

Add these two developments together, and you have the best week for sports uniforms in town since at least the Rangers’ overhaul two years ago (those powder blues alone would suffice, but the script whites are excellent in their own right). Maybe longer? I’m open to hearing arguments. What’s beyond reproach, though, is that both teams made the city look good this week.