Snakes, Black Diamonds, and Moody Jewels Abound on New Barbed Wire E-Shop

You know I was always swooning walking into Cicada Collection in Snider Plaza. No recognizable designers, no flashy colors; just beautifully made things in subtle color palettes with architectural, head-turning shapes. It was a one-of-a-kind shop. (Well, except for the Sante Fe location, which still stands.) Anyway, it closed, and I was sad to stop being introduced to awesome new things by the store’s manager, Cynthia Barnhouse, who has impeccable style. Consider the tears officially dried. Cynthia has opened her own jewelry e-shop, Barbed Wire. As the name might hint, you’re shopping for edge here. Need a snake made of black diamonds slithering up your finger? She’s got it. If you love the mismatching moon and star stud look (I do!), Cynthia stocks the Blackbird And The Snow crescent moon ($715) and star ($330) versions. Her lines include Lauren Wolf, Nikki b, Rhodium, and more lines that haven’t already over saturated the jewelry market. Who’s ready to throw some new jewels into the rotation?


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