What’s in Designer Mila Hermanovski’s Bag?

Mila HermanovskiI’m not a TV buff, so unlike my Project Runway-obsessed peers, I didn’t fall in love with this Dallas-born, seventh-season finalist until I got my mitts on her luxe fall collection at Piermarini. You may remember, my gushing post on Mila Hermanovski’s fall leather-pocketed hoodie (which she wore to D’s offices–it’s still amazing), mesh-paneled leggings, and wicked cool zip-up scarf. Mila squeezed us into her schedule this week after a weekend trunk show at Piermarini to spill her bag for us before heading back to LA. Mila’s belongings were edited into a pile as clean as her designs. (But they poured out of a wicked Helmut Lang tote, of course.) Take a look.

"For me it's the perfect bag. I need a big bag."
“For me it’s the perfect bag. I need a big bag.”

1. Comme des Garçons wallet. “It’s my favorite wallet I’ve ever had. They last forever. Once you’ve used a Comme des Garçons wallet, it’s hard to use anything else. And the red color supposedly supports affluence, according to feng shui.”
2. Berocca effervescent multivitamin. “I’m usually exhausted when I’m traveling. They’ve got B vitamins in them and you just add them to water.”
3. Pencil. “This little guy is a Papermate disposable pencil and it’s what I use in the studio. I’ve tried all different pencils and this is the one.”
4. Business cards. “People are always stopping me on the street to ask, ‘Who makes your leggings?’–I’m always wearing my leggings because it’s my uniform–and I’ll say, ‘I’m the designer’ and hand them my card.”

5. Beauty from top:
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Majella. “NARS makes the perfect red lip. I was known for my red lip on Project Runway. I love the pencil–it doesn’t melt and makes a great shape.”
Melem lip balm. “It’s so perfect for your cuticles and your lips. I’m hooked on it.”
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Color Satiny Radiance in Bergamasque. “It’s the perfect nude, and it smells like roses.”
6. Coach measuring tape. “This was a gift from a costume designer that I worked with. It always goes with me everywhere.”
7. Boscia Blotting Linens. “I don’t like to look like I have too much makeup on. I’m not a powder girl. These are awesome for refreshing during the day.”
8. Celine sunglasses in 41802. “I die for Celine sunglasses. They’re so well-made and they are just classic. They’re a good investment.”

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