What’s in Rory Ashton’s Bag?

RoryAshtonWhen you see a pair of Rory Ashton earrings, you notice. Whether you catch them on the racks at Melanie Gayle or Flirt Boutique or on the ears of girls like Courtney Kerr, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the hoops holding clusters of colorful gems. The designer herself is equally eye catching, a little blonde bombshell adorned in pink and her own glittering jewels. She popped over to D headquarters last week to spill her Jimmy Choo bag for us. Take a look:

"My favorite big bag. It's good for travel and it zips into a mini."
“My favorite big bag. It’s good for travel and it zips into a mini.”

1. Ted Baker wallet. “It has so many compartments.”
2. iPhone (“It’s everything. I have so much music in it.”) and JLab charger. “It’s a purse phone charger, but it has three full charges in it.”
3. Beauty products from top: Essie Good to Go topcoat (“To freshen your manicure.”); Rosebud Lip Salve (“I love this. I’m addicted. I keep one by my bed, too.”); Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Pink Caprice (“It has a pretty bold pigment, so I usually wear that going out or I’ll lightly swipe it with Chapstick.”); Guerlain KissKiss Gloss in 868 (“This is my all-time favorite. I ordered six on Amazon to make sure I never run out. I have a stock.”); Laura Mercier Eye Basics primer in Flax (“It’s supposed to be for before you put your eyeshadow on, but I use it as a brightener. I put it under my eyes.”); and Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain in 17 Encre Rose (“This is my other favorite. It’s a stain gloss.”)
4. Earrings. “I always have random earrings in my bag. These [far right] are from my new collection. They’re not out yet, but it’s going to be India inspired.”
5. Tom Ford Nikita cat eye sunglasses. “I like cat-eye everything. Even my reading glasses are cat eye.”
6. Dannijo ring. “My boyfriend got that for me for my birthday. He picked it out on his own, which is really impressive. It’s exactly what I would have picked out for myself.”
7. Rohto eyedrops. “Makeup artists use them a lot. They’re the best eyedrops. They kind of burn and tingle.”
8. Pink comb. “Teasing comb because I tease. Texas tease.”
9. Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal (“This is the best oatmeal. The fruit still has the peel. You don’t need to add sugar. They’re completely ready to go.”);  Extra Dessert Delights gum (“I’m addicted to this gum. It reminds me of Willy Wonka.”), and Tazo green ginger tea
10. Hypnotic Poison perfume (“That’s what I’ve worn since I can remember. I haven’t changed my perfume is forever.”) and Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (“But this is what I wear during the daytime.”)
11. Kenra Volume Spray 25 hairspray. “Goes hand in hand with my tease comb.”
12. Benefit They’re Real mascara (“I like mini stuff.”); Lollia Relax hand cream (“It’s not sticky and it’s easy to wear.”); and Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow blush (“It’s a really, really pretty pink. It’s kind of a blue-toned pink. It brings a glow back to your face.”)
13. Needlenose plyers. “For jewelry. I always have them in my purse.”


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