Emy Mack Shoes Make Grand, Sea of Shoes Debut

emy mack shoes on sea of shoes
courtesy of Sea of Shoes

You will all recall this delightful discovery of the Emy Mack shoe line, right? Well, the SMU grad-designed shoes landed on the feet of Jane Aldridge on Sea of Shoes yesterday.

I’m a proud owner, as well, thanks to Emy Mack, and truly, not only are they gorgeous to look at, with their flawless seams, silver bottoms, and ladylike ornamentation, but they’re comfortable, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get a storefront or pop-up boutique, but for now, shop the current fall/winter collection at emymack.com.


  • Stacy McElroy Johnson

    Go Emily! Your shoes are beautiful. So glad you are getting all of this great press. Come to Austin again soon.