Only Overweight Clients Allowed at This Dallas Gym

Liz forwarded over a press release this morning with this tidbit:

Downsize Fitness is a Dallas gym that caters to those 50 pounds or more overweight until they ‘graduate’ to a goal weight of 220 lbs. It is a revolutionary concept that is capturing local and national attention… Each Downsize Fitness member has a coach that helps them each step of the way, with exercises and nutrition programs geared towards their members.

I don’t mean to sound out of the fitness loop–okay, I’m out of the fitness loop–but, I didn’t know this existed. I know there are gyms exclusively for ladies, but overweight-only fitness studios are news to me. I like the concept. The Dallas location of Downsize Fitness on Inwood Road is one of three, and it emphasizes three components: fitness, nutrition, and support. I wish more gyms offered a comprehensive program. (Having a juice bar doesn’t count.)


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