Texas Summer Beauty Challenge: A Peaceful Bikini Line

Live through a Texas summer and you know: survival is the goal. But don’t let three-digit temperatures get the best of you. Tune in to our Texas Summer Beauty Challenge series. Intern Kristi McCann is tracking down expert advice to help you get through the summer and look good doing it.

Let’s face it. Your bikini line is not something you like to talk about, but when it comes to summer grooming, this area needs some serious attention. Whether you prefer waxing or shaving, we got expert advice from estheticians on both methods to get you bikini ready.

Candace Spillman from Bliss Spa Dallas insists waxing is the way to go. “When you wax, you are pulling the hair out by the root, which makes it grow back slower, finer, and with less stubble,” she says. Candace suggests scheduling your hair removal appointment two to three days before you plan on baring your skin to ensure the hair follicles don’t have time to produce any fuzz. Bliss Spa offers two great waxing products: Bliss’ Lemon + Sage Skin Softening Scrub ($36) to exfoliate before an appointment and Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads ($35) to use 24 hours after any hair removal process.

If waxing isn’t quite your thing, we know relentless shaving can cause skin irritation that makes wearing your bikini bottoms an embarrassing event. “Razor burn, unsightly bumps, and in-grown hairs are not fun,” says Lisa Lazzara, Director of  Training and Development at The Pretty Kitty. She suggests applying a product called PFB Vanish ($22) after shaving to exfoliate and keep follicles clean and clear. Available at The Pretty Kitty.

Kristi McCann is a shopping intern.


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