Do You Want To Be the Next Bachelorette?

If so, then head to The Joule on Wednesday, January 7, at 6 pm for the Texas casting call, which Sarah Eveans just posted on FrontBurner. According to sources at ABC, the next Bachelorette is someone who feels she “possesses the charm, style, and personality to become America’s next leading lady.” Wow. That’s, like, totally me! Except that I do NOT look good in a bikini, which means no hot tub scenes for me. Let’s face it: one of the prerequisites for this gig is a hot bod. No one likes to see a fat girl in a hot tub–even if that’s what real women look like! Gentlemen, do not despair. The show’s producers are also looking for suitable suitors. Besides, you might want to head down there to check out the scene. Who knows? You may not need the show to fall in love. You might meet your mate at the party. See you Wednesday, lover.


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