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D Magazine November 2013

Cover Story

Dallas 1963

This is who we were when President Kennedy’s visit changed everything.
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Restaurant Review: Trufire Kitchen & Bar

The whole family just might leave satisfied.

Dinosaur Hunters

A ragtag band of amateur paleontologists has been digging up 95-million-year-old fossils, under the watchful eye of a man trying to bring order to a lawless land.
By Farraz Khan

Restaurant Review: Oceanaire

A revisit to the ritzy seafood spot.
By Nancy Nichols

Review: Jeng Chi Restaurant

The pork soup dumplings are a must.
By Carol Shih

Brett Shipp Is a Bully

Somewhere along the line, the biggest reporter in Dallas lost his way.
By Eric Celeste

On the Air With Wade Emmert

He’s bringing the Republican Party together, one caller at a time.

Cowboy Up Your Style

Is it possible to wear cowboy boots in Dallas without playing dress-up?
By Sarah Hepola

The Dallas Way

The business establishment ruled supreme over a booming city. Fourteen seconds in November shattered its legitimacy— and remade Dallas.

A New Startup, EDS

H. Ross Perot was becoming “the world’s greatest computer salesman.”
By Joseph Guinto

How Dallas Became a Football Town

A risky idea brought two pro teams to Dallas. In 1963, only one was left.

The Family Who Sold Tex-Mex to America

The Cuellars were leading the rise of the chain restaurant.

Birth of the Dallas Museum of Art

Two museums merged, forming the Dallas Museum of Art and triggering decades of tension.
By Peter Simek

Dallas 1963: Images of November 22

Before and after the shots were fired.
By D Magazine

Cat Woman

Before canine distemper thrust In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue into the spotlight, there were just Vicky Keahey and her animals.
By Krista Nightengale

Restaurant Review: Le Bilboquet

A beloved New York bistro has been re-created in Dallas. Perhaps too closely.
By Nancy Nichols

Bar Review: Lee Harvey’s

It’s like being in someone’s living room. But not the someone you might think.
By Tara Nieuwesteeg

Also in This Issue

Other articles of interest in our November 2013 edition.
By D Magazine