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Other articles of interest in our July 2013 edition.

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Person of Interest: Paul Varghese

Why would a successful comedian stay in Dallas? And why did his debut album take so long?

by Michael J. Mooney

Balls to the Wall

The showdown between Bowlounge and Bowl & Barrel

by Laura Kostelny

Back from the Dead

Justin Leger spent weeks in a coma. Then he woke up and built an app for killing zombies.

by Krista Nightengale

Cool Beans

A host of new coffeehouses is transforming Dallas’ typical morning drip into something a little more handcrafted and eye opening.

by Todd Johnson

Object of Desire: State of Grace

If the idea of wallpaper conjures terrifying memories of circa-1970s floral prints, you haven’t met GRACIE yet.

by Todd Johnson

Summer Lovin’

Carefree and breezy looks grace the streets of Dallas this August.

by Kristi and Scot Redman

From Russia with LUBLU

SMU junior Kira Platinina’s new high-end collection is all grown-up.

by Raya Ramsey

Come and Take It

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Austin’s movie-geek powerhouse theater chain, heads north. Can it re-create its success in Richardson?

by Peter Simek

I Am Everyday People

You can’t tell from reading this, but I look like a lot of people. No celebrities or anything. Average people. No one special.

by Geoff Johnston