photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Eat This Now: Lacquered Chinese Duckling

Chef Sara Johannes Wolfgang Puck’s Five-Sixty cooks up this dish.

1. The sauce: Fruit sauces change with the season. This season, choose sweet blood oranges. They lie like jewels on the plate, and their acidity is the perfect foil to a piece of meat roasted with hints of anise and cinnamon.

2. Salad: Use a combination of greens such as sweet pea tendrils and spicy Asian mustard greens like mizuna. The contrast is excellent with rich dishes, and the sturdier greens hold up well to heat.

3. Cantonese-style duck: Skin is separated from meat and the duck is showered repeatedly with a boiling mixture of red Chinese vinegar, sugars, and spices. The ducks are hung to dry for two days before they are stuffed with aromatic spices and slowly roasted.

4. Lo mein noodles: A light dusting of sugar over lo mein noodles in a wok transforms into a delicious amalgamation of caramel and char. The effect is known as “The Breath of the Dragon” because of the way the fire breathes its flavor into the food.