The Mia’s interior got a facelift. photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Review: Mia’s

This longtime Tex-Mex favorite has been fancified. There’s a complimentary valet in the congested parking lot, a beverage stand on the patio to serve the outdoor diners, and the inside has been spruced up with a good paint job in festive, bold colors like orange, pink, and purple. The menu, too, has gotten a facelift—probably the work of a graphic designer—and there are fewer knickknacks on the walls to show off the fresh paint. Thankfully, the food remains the same. Brisket tacos, served in corn or flour tortillas, are still hearty and delicious. Lola’s Special, a simple platter of three chalupas—bean, queso, and guacamole—still satisfies, thanks to always-crisp tostadas topped with fresh ingredients such as shredded lettuce, ruby red tomatoes, and just-mashed neon green guac. Service is as efficient as ever, so you can be in and out in less than an hour at lunchtime, but you can still linger over margaritas at dinner. In a city where Tex-Mex rules—and many of the newer joints have been started by the members of the Enriquez family or former Mia’s staff—it’s nice to know that Mia’s still rises to the top. 

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