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D Magazine January 2007

Cover Story

The Love Affair That Rocked City Hall

He’s been divorced four times. She is 23 years his junior. But what really got the gossip going: he’s the chief of police, and she’s a tenacious TV reporter
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Deep Ellum Is Safe Again

Given the bad news out of that part of town, the stats might surprise you.
By Teresa Gubbins

From Bishop to Broadway

How—and why—white kids from SMU plan to help a dance theater in Harlem.
By Jenny Block

GPS for the Lonely

A girl walks into a bar—and her next boyfriend gets a text message about her arrival.
By Laurie Dent

Media Threesome

A mixed bag of offerings to make your January hipper, jazzier, and way more sexy.
By D Magazine

Montreal, Quebec

Head to the Great White North where the Montreal High Lights Festival awaits.
Food and Drink

Review: Central 214

Distinguished chef Tom Fleming packs plenty of pizazz into his menu at Central 214, in the oh-so-trendy Hotel Palomar.
By Teresa Gubbins
Food and Drink

Review: Urban Bistro

Aurora chef-owner Avner Samuel shoots for the suburbs with Urban Bistro, his new mid-priced Mediterranean restaurant.

Ruffled Dresses

The holidays may have passed, but there will always be parties. A darling dress is required.
By Stephanie Quadri

Shimmery Satchels

Add some zing to your winter wardrobe with these shimmery satchels.
By Stephanie Quadri

The FBI Media Merry-Go-Round

The agency gets a lot of local coverage. But what exactly does it do?

The Inside Scoop

The holidays are behind you, but you still have lots of shopping to do.
By Stephanie Quadri

The Ugly Truth

Silver City is owned by a prominent Dallas family. Despite the number of disturbing events that have taken place there, the strip club has remained largely out of the news—until now…
By D Magazine

This Month’s (Very Short) (Yet Informative) Q & A for January 2007

MICHAEL URIE is an alum of Plano Senior High. He spent time at the Quad C Theatre before graduating from the Juilliard School’s Drama Division in 2003.
By D Magazine

Turn Over a New Leaf

Thanks to the holiday (read: eating) season, many of us are only one meal away from sizing up. Never fear. Plenty of Dallas restaurants are serving delicious and creative salads to trim our waistlines yet satisfy our palates. Bye-bye, Caesar.
By D Magazine

Uncle Barky Bites Back

New year’s resolutions for a long-suffering television market—from a long-suffering television critic.
By D Magazine

Warm & Fuzzy 2007

A lot of bad stuff happened in 2006. But bad news is such a downer. Which is why in this, our review of the past year’s events, we bring you only the good news. Stuff to make you smile.

Weird Science

A new synthetic ball has debuted in the NBA. Scientists at UT Arlington used a vacuum cleaner to test it.
By Eric Celeste

Witness for the Prosecution

When Craig Watkins takes over this month as Dallas County district attorney, he’ll make history, twice: he’s the first African-American to hold such a position in either the county or the state (as best as can be determined).
By Rod Davis

Heel on Parade

The great lengths I’ll go to for charity and women’s feet.
By Tim Rogers