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Snap Judgements for January 2007

By D Magazine |

THUMBS UP: In 1992, running for president, Ross Perot said the North American Free Trade Agreement would create a “giant sucking sound” of American jobs to Mexican laborers. This fall, his Plano-based Perot Systems Corporation announced it would open a new plant. In Mexico. What points Perot loses for flip-flopping he gains for embracing the free market.

THUMBS DOWN: Have vice cops nothing better to do? The recent raids on mom-and-pop poker houses are absurd. Three simultaneous crackdowns. Twenty people arrested. Seventy-nine citations. A little more than $43,000 in cash seized. And for what? So citizens can sleep better knowing a game that’s broadcast on ESPN, ad nauseam, will not be played behind drawn curtains? Hey, vice, you wanna investigate a real crime? Check out page 50.