Spice Manegments FM 1410

VEGGIE TALE: Tom Spicer has finally opened a store for his exotic produce.
photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Be forewarned: Spice Man’s FM 1410 is not your typical produce market. Forget about bins of carnations or rows of shiny apples. Think baby fennel, golden beets, Romano beans, and Lolita greens. For more than 20 years, owner Tom Spicer, brother of famed New Orleans chef Susan, has been selling rare specialty produce out of the back of his SUV to Dallas’ top chefs. The goods come from small farms, many of them local. When a quaint brick storefront opened on the same block as Jimmy’s Food Store, Spicer grabbed it to set up shop. With its tarnished tin ceiling and cracked cement floor, it’s no frills: nothing more than a wicker table and a few chairs, refrigerated case, and ceiling fan, spinning lazily. If Spicer remembers, he’ll put out a couple of heirloom tomatoes in the front window as a makeshift beacon. The magic is the opportunity to get some of the same micro-greens, exotic mushrooms, and organic blackberries that chefs buy, too. Be sure to make an appointment before visiting. There are no guarantees on regular hours. 1410 Fitzhugh St. 214-828-0322.


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