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Tennis? Anyone?

Ladies, we know you love your short skirts, visors, and built-in bras—even when your day’s activities include little more than lunching at Toulouse. But isn’t it about time you put those tennis clothes to good use?
By D Magazine |

You can’t toss a canary-colored rock in the Highland Park Village parking lot without hitting a woman in a tennis dress. But the jig is up, ladies. You don’t know a slice from a let. The nearest you’ve gotten to a clay court is that time you flipped past the French Open on ESPN. No one blames you for holding off on the lessons, a racket, or even tennis balls until after you finally get into the DCC. (You’re still fifth on the wait list? Injustice abounds.) Good for you for not letting that minor setback stop you from donning the adorable Lacoste tennis whites (and pinks and greens). No reason not to get sporty for everything from shopping at the supermarket to lunching on the patio at Toulouse. Sure, you’re in your 40s and you’ve had a couple of kids, but thanks to that macrobiotic diet, the trainer at Larry North, and modern medical miracles, you like to think that your bod’s as hot as Miss Maria Sharapova’s. It’s not just about vanity, though. The short, flirty skirt, light fabric, built-in bra, visor, ankle socks, and tennis shoes make a sprint far more practical when, say, you’ve illegally parked at the Tom Thumb in Snider Plaza. Parking is a chore in that shopping center, but make no mistake: those Tom Thumb people will chase you down. They are fast, but they are no match for you in their silly pants. So, by all means, keep wearing those Stella McCartney and Chanel tennis dresses. And good luck with that DCC thing!


A good VISOR keeps the sun out of your eyes while you dine on the patio at Toulouse. Burberry visor ($75/Saks Fifth Avenue, Galleria Dallas) and diamond hoop earrings ($4,900/Naomi Designs, Tootsies).

A cute little SWEATER cuts the chill while you shop the frozen food aisle at Tom Thumb in Snider Plaza. Lacoste red polo and tennis skirt ($72 & $95/Lacoste, NorthPark Center) and Ralph Lauren tennis sweater ($145/The Tennis Shop @ Dallas Country Club).

Hello? It’s called a “TENNIS BRACELET.” (Thank you, husband No. 2.) Diamond pave bracelet and pear-shaped pink kunzite and diamond pave ring ($6,100 & $8,900/Naomi Designs, Tootsies).

A sporty pair of KICKS comes in handy when you need to sprint from Chanel to Mi Cocina for margaritas with the girls. Ralph Lauren ankle socks ($10/Ralph Lauren, Highland Park Village) and Nike Air Zooms ($110/Luke’s Locker).