Letters “…completely false and unfair.”

Thumbs Down to D

AM WRITING TO INFORM YOU THAT AN ITEM IN this month’s D Magazine on St. Mark’s School and [he Tom Hicks family is completely false and unfair. Reporters who link school disciplinary issues with our fund-raising efforts simply do not understand the values under which we operate.

Here are the facts. The Hicks family made its financial commitment to St. Mark’s School in advance of the warehouse beer bash in Deep Ellum that mostly involved students from Highland Park High School. Secondly, disciplinary action has been taken against the St. Mark’s students who were at the event. This action was in accordance with published school disciplinary policies and was consistent with disciplinary actions taken on other occasions.


President, Board of Trustees

THE EDITORS REPLY: Mr. Cullum is correct. Our reporting wasn’t. We apologize to Headmaster Amie Holtberg, to Mr. Hicks, and to the St. Mark’s community.

Let the Games Begin

KUDOS TO WICK ALLISON FOR HIS “ON-TARget” view of Laura Miller’s City Council performance. Ms. Miller has been watching too many prime-time courtroom shows. Why she feels it is her civic duty to “out” successful businessmen is beyond me. She is a prime example of total self-exploitation. As Mr. Allison pointed out, Ms. Miller cares not about the subject, but more about making a name for herself. Shame on you, Laura. While you were a mildly entertaining read at lunch (when forced to dine alone), you are proving that your qualifications for a council in a city the size of Dallas are severely lacking.

It didn’t have to be that way.



I LIVED IN LOS ANGELES DURING THE 1984 Olympics and in Atlanta during the 1996 Games, and I can say without reserve that there have never been prouder moments of both being a resident of those cities and an American than during those Olympic Games.

Improvements were made to roads and highways. Facilities were built to house the athletes and stage the Games. Parks and public places got face lifts, and new life was injected into areas that were economically and physically depressed. These improvements remained and will live on for years as beneficial legacies for die citizens of those communities.

But the most uplifting in all that was to see, and to participate myself, as die residents of the cities came together in support of the Games. Hosting me Games gave us a sense of pride and the sense of civic responsibility, much the same as any of us would feel if we had guests coming to our own homes for a two-week stay. This pride transcended all social, economic, and racial barriers mat may have existed.

There will be naysayers and those people who put forth an endless stream of fear-based arguments on why Dallas should not bid to host the Olympics. I urge you to listen carefully with critical ears and draw your own conclusions.

What amazes me is to hear such negative and fearful attitudes already being expressed towards an event that has yet toeven be planned, much less staged, executed, and paid for.

Be aware of the costs and monitor them carefully, but focus on the opportunity and the benefits it will provide us all in the long run.



HE SELF-PROCLAIMED TITLE OF “ClTY Council watchdog” actually fits Laura Miller very well. She sticks her nose in places it does not belong, digs in the trash for scraps, barks up trees, and begs for attention. How about tax dollars for obedience school?




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