The Rons Stuff

As seen above, public misspelling is rampant. But for Oak Lawn florist Jeff Neighbors, a misspelled sign spells profits.

To attract attention, Neighbors deliberately botched the name of his Oak Lawn shop, dubbing it “All Ocassions.”

“People notice the sign, then they come in to tell me about it. Usually they buy something, and always they remember the name,” Neighbors says.

But getting it wrong wasn’t easy. According to the florist, the sign company insisted on a signed release and payment in advance. “Then, after I carefully went over the name with the printer while ordering business cards, the computer self-corrected the copy.

“The result was a free set of business cards with my shop’s name spelled wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it.” Neighbors says. He adds that the IRS has similarly corrected the spelling, “but I think I’ll leave that one alone.”


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