Sara Speaks Out

Too often, popbiz writers make Sara Hickman sound like a cross between a toy and a soda. OK, Hickman is cute, and she does have a fizz about her. But she’s also a pertinent songwriter with a clear eye on politics and the human condition.

Hickman, who fears that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned or greatly weakened by the Supreme Court, recently contacted Janie R. Bush, executive director for the local abortion rights group Choice. Hickman joined Choice, and she helped organize and headlined the Lee Park concert that topped off the successful Choice march held in April.

“It’s mind-boggling to me that someone might make a law that I could be jailed, or face persecution, because of a choice I made about something as personal as my own body,” bristles Hickman.

“There’s too much no in our attitudes, and it’s very Big Brother to me,” she continues. “I feel that the Supreme Court is becoming more of a private institute; it’s not thinking publicly any more. It’s basing law on what these certain judges believe, and that’s not what law is to me. It’s to allow people to continue to make choices, You can’t deal with this with one answer!”

That’s more depth and analysis than you might expect from a singer often characterized as a cute li’l pixie. But probe Hickman lore and note her shows benefiting TARAL (Texas Abortion Rights Action League) and Children’s Medical Center. Or consider her most recent album, Shortstop. Its title cut addresses homosexuality, and its standout selection “In The Fields” deals with abortion.

So trash any notions of Hickman as fluffy sexmoppet. Reappraise her for solid musicianship, and for having enough spine to tackle the topical.


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