BUCKS Good news. According to the City Council’s expense account reports for official city business, we’ve elected some frugal folk, with few coming anywhere near their annual budget limits (mayor: $11,000; mayor pro tern, deputy mayor, and at-large members: $7,000; remaining members, $5,000).

At-large councilmember jim buErGer wins the Uncle Scrooge Award for fewest dollars spent-none. “I don’t want to spend tax dollars like this,” says Buerger, a millionaire who has always reimbursed the city for his expenditures.

On the other hand, a look at Mayor Annette Strauss’S numbers shows that being mayor can require a few extras like wallet-size photos ($48.34); a mobile phone ($1040,10); and a New York hotel stay when she went to accept a “Mother of the Year” award ($235). Still, Strauss was well under her budget at $2,490.37.

Using the latest tallies available (through August), LORI PALMER is the only over-budget offender. The bulk of Palmer’s overage ($2,859.27) comes in the category of postage and mailing, which she says is necessary to keep her “diverse” district well informed. Instead of holding just one general Town Hall meeting a month, Palmer says, she holds an additional three neighborhood meetings per month. She also notified constituents of “major redistricting meetings,” a special budget meeting, and confabs on “code enforcement, crime prevention, and Love Field.”


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