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By Sally Giddens |

Robert Edelman, the Dallas developer convicted in federal court last March of hiring a hit man to murder his wife (“The Edelman File,” May), was scheduled to stand trial in state court on the same charges in mid-November. But there will be no state trial for Edelman, who pleaded guilty to the charges shortly after Thanksgiving. Edelman had professed his innocence and vowed to fight for his freedom at his federal sentencing.

Edelman was sentenced to ten years and a $100,000 fine for the federal charges, but faced up to ninety-nine years for the state charges. His new lawyer, former assistant district attorney Doug Mulder, struck a deal with the Dallas D.A.’s office for a nine-year sentence that would run concurrently with Edelman’s federal time.

Though he’s in Bastrop federal penitentiary near Austin, Edelman is still managing to attract attention here in Dallas. His marriage by proxy to socialite Diana Key last spring still gives Park Cities gossips plenty of material. And in early December. Edelman’s former attorney, Steve Sumner, filed a lawsuit against him. It seems Edelman didn’t pay Sumner some $70,000 in fees that had been earmarked in Edelman’s divorce settlement for Sumner.