Inside Dallas Fashion

What’s happening around town, plus a calendar of events

Got A Crush On You

leading couture footwear designer Stuart Weitzman has taken to the jungle with hand-painted python shoes that are sure to be among the hottest of fall’s footwear. According to Weitzman, the reptile detailing can expand the range of a woman’s wardrobe. The tonal differences of the reptile skins will pick up the dominant colors of her outfits. So, instead of buying four pairs of shoes, she can buy one. The hand-painted pythons come in a varied array of heel heights.

Weitzman has long been a leader in innovative shoe designs and fabrications. His on-target color forecasting has kept his shoe line in sync with the fluctuations of the fashion seasons. He has more shoes on more feet in Texas than anywhere else, with Dallas women being among the leading Weitzman-wearers. Many may recall last season’s rhinestone-studded Yellow Rose of Texas shoe that Weitzman designed for the Texas Sesquicentennial. Weitzman’s shoes are available around town at Neiman-Marcus, Marie Leavell, Turtletique, Holliday Shoes, Smyth Bros., and Joseph’s, a boutique at Stanley Korshak.


Richard Brooks is old enough and confident enough to fail-and that, he says, is the secret of success. At forty-five, he doesn’t need to prove his talent to the rest of the world. He knows he’s good, and judging by the success of his first ready-to-wear line this fall, so do several of the biggest retailers around.

Dubbed the undisputed king of fine fabric in Dallas and the rest of the country by no less an authority than Vogue, Brooks is philosophical about his first venture into the designer world, “I thought that designers arrived in limousines with chauffeurs,” he says, “but, so far, I still have to park wherever there’s room and I get carded at the door [at the Dallas Apparel Mart].’1 But he designs clothes for the challenge, not the glamour.

His new line will be available locally at Neiman-Marcus, Lord & Taylor, The Gazebo, Stanley Korshak, and Lilly Dodson. Among various other fabrics in the line, Brooks is introducing a Swiss Jacquard silk that is sure to be a hit. The silk doesn’t wrinkle and looks as fresh after two weeks of wear as it did when it was just cleaned. The silk designs come in a rainbow of brilliant colors like royal blue, fuchsia, cognac, teal, and lacquer red. It’s a godsend for women, says Brooks, “who don’t want to buy back their dress every time they have it dry-cleaned.”

Other surprises in the line include the introduction of Dallas’s first “After 4” dress- an ensemble that can be worn from the office to the cocktail party. All of Brooks’s designs arc made with a woman’s figure fluctuations in mind. Some pants and skirts have a hidden expandable waistband that, combined with the “silk sweatshirt” look, says Brooks, “hides a multitude of sins.”

Tusk Tusk

The call of the wild has inspired more than footwear designers. Local businessman Jim Berry of The Elephant Walk has taken the handbag and belt market by the tusks. Last year, the new company sold more than $3 million worth of bags alone. You probably saw Berry’s carpetbags when they hit the local and national markets a couple of seasons ago. This past spring, Berry introduced the huipil bags made from textures woven in a tiny Ecuadorean village. (Berry had to fly into the village in a helicopter because of that country’s political unrest.) You can find Elephant Walk designs at Bloomingdale’s, Neiman-Marcus, and Macy’s.

The Boutiquing of Dallas

Noreen Sozio will bring the fashion-forward styles of Valentino to Highland Park Village. The new 2,500-square-foot store will be the second largest Valentino boutique outside of New York.

And next door, Rodeo Drive rising star Torie Steek is moving in with her collection of designer boutiques for men, women, and children. The California Kid, whose husband Sam Wyly is from Texas, is bringing her retail gusto to Dallas, where she hopes to spark the same interest that she has on Rodeo Drive, where she operates more than ten boutiques of top-name designers.

And from the other coast, the sundrenched fashions of Florida Adams expand from Galleria to a boutique at Highland Park Village. The Key West native has made a hit of his T-shirts and long duck pants and has since expanded his clothing line to include a range of fun men’s and women’s sportswear/resortwear. Cotton pants, cotton sweaters, and T-shirts are just some of the items carried.

The largest free-standing Chanel Boutique in the country will take over 4,000 feet in Highland Park Village this fall. The store will open with the fell/winter ready-to-wear line, accessories, Chanel Beaute, skin care, and fragrances for both men and women. Also debuting with the new boutique will be a new product to the Chanel skin care regimen: Lift Serum/Anti-Wrinkle Complex. The abilities of the new cream are attributed to its key ingredient, PlastoDerm, a balance of proteins and carbohydrates. Chanel spokespersons say the cream has shown a 45 percent overall reduction of lines and wrinkles after a month’s use. Other American Chanel boutiques are located in Honolulu, Beverly Hills, and Palm Beach.

The 1985 Dallas Fashion Award-winning womenswear designer Flora Kung brings Oriental mystique and fashion flair to Lovers Lane with the August opening of her first boutique in the country.

Under the direction of licensee Larry Autrey of Fort Worth, the quiet giant of Seventh Avenue will bring her array of vivid floral prints and Jacquard silks to Dallas in an exclusive boutique that will offer, among other amenities, a wet bar. Autrey is the owner and operator of D’Autrey, an exclusive womenswear boutique in Fort Worth.

Established just four years ago, the privately owned Flora Kung company has taken the fashion world by storm, rivaling many of the long-standing fashion houses in net sales. Currently, the Flora Kung collections are available in more than 2,000 stores across the country. Some reasons for the company’s success, Kung says, are its controlled distribution and the six different seasons of collections that hit the stores every six weeks.

Not only do Flora and company design the styles, they also design the fabrics. They weave, dye and print, cut, and sew the fabrics all under the same roof. All of the hundreds of color combinations are designed and hand-printed first by Flora, then printed on fine silks, Jacquards, crepes, satins, chiffons-even silk knits.

In addition to other fashion accolades, Flora Kung was named the Fall 1985 Chicago Guest Designer.

A Dallas Willkommen

A first for Dallas is also a first for the country when representatives of more than 200 European apparel companies converge October 24 through 28 at the Market Center for the women’s and children’s spring ’87 market. The Dallas Market Center, in partnership with the Dusseldorf-based IGEDO International Fashion Fair, will present IGEDO/DALLAS, a premiere wholesale apparel and accessories exposition. More than 1,000 European designers, manufacturers, and sales representatives are expected to attend.

The majority of the foreign exhibitors will be from Germany. Some top names who have committed to the show so far are Esca-da, Laurel, Brigitte Z. (great leather wear), Heinrich Roth, Joop, and Steilmann.

“In the Southwest,” says Candice Burgess, the international marketing coordinator for the DMC, “there are limited European resources. [IGEDO/DALLAS] is an excellent way to break in the market.”

The Dallas Market Center is the largest permanent wholesale marketplace in the world. There are more than 2,000 showrooms in more than 1.8 million square feet, and 22,000 buyers annually shop the spring market. Market Center spokesmen believe that the show could attract up to an additional 2,000 retailers to Dallas. In dollar terms, that could mean up to $2.5 million in revenue to the city.

Mondi, one of Germany’s best-known apparel exporters, can already testify to an agreeable climate in Dallas, where the clothes company will open two stores simultaneously this fall-one at NorthPark, the other at The Crescent. Mondi is well known for its color-coordinated apparel and the “total ensemble” concept, including shoes, bags, and hats.

By the end of the year, the progressive German company hopes to have thirty shops operating in the country. Other sites include Trump Tower in New York, Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach in California.

More Europeans testing the local apparel waters are the folks from Geiger. The eighty-year-old Austrian company has moved into Travis Walk with the latest installation of a boutique at Monsoon by Handel’s. The Austrian boutique is one of eleven Geiger shops in the country. The line is best known for “boiled wool” sweaters, jackets, and skirts that are literally shrunk to achieve a super-tight weave.

Centrum Signals

To the heart of funky Oak Lawn this fell comes Parachute, the private-label boutique that caters to the elite of the rock world (Mick Jagger, Madonna, Peter Gabriel) and clothes the trendy cops of TV’s “Miami Vice.” One of the first ventures to open in The Centrum, Parachute is a distinctive line of avant-garde clothes in fabrics ranging from wool and leather to linen and cotton. But, says a store spokesperson, you don’t have to be Mick Jagger to afford them. Other boutiques of the eight-year-old company are located in New York, L.A., Beverly Hills, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, and Montreal. Original Parachute designs are in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The Dallas store, opening in late September or early October, plans fashion shows five times a year to coincide with the seasonal collections.

Also new to The Centrum is Ex Jun, an ultra high-tech. New York-based Japanese design house. Rumors of Jun’s arrival have been persistent since last spring. Finally, in November, say store personnel, Dallas will get a taste of these fashion-forward clothes for men and women from the land of the rising sun. Sportswear starts at around $150 and suits begin at $700.

From Down Under

This year, the annual Neiman-Marcus Fortnight celebration in October focuses on the apparel, crafts, and artisans of Australia. More than a dozen of the top wom-enswear designers from Australia will be represented at the fete, which runs from October 6 through October 25 at the downtown store. The preview gala benefiting the Dallas Zoological Society will be held on October 5.

The Australian fashion viewpoint, says Neiman-Marcus divisional merchandise manager Anne Ball, is heavily steeped in legend. Because of the continent’s isolation, many of the Australian designers’ creations are made from simple fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton. But very representative of all Australian fashion is a sense of color and print, Ball says.

Because of the reversed climates (it’s spring now down under), we’ll mostly be seeing things from the spring collections. However, Ball stresses that these clothes can be applicable to Texas’s relatively mild fall and winter weather, too. Linda Jackson, a prominent Australian designer whose work runs the gamut from sportswear to elaborate ball gowns, will be on hand for the festivities.

The Aussie influence has already been at work at The Down Under, an Australian jewelry store that opened in late spring in Valley View Center. The store features Australian opals, both loose and calibrated, as well as finished and custom-designed jewelry pieces.

Mailing Around

This fall sees a dramatic addition to NorthPark when The Limited brings a multilevel concept to the mall. The company will create five levels of space between JCPenney and Joske’s. The mall plans to raise the roof and lower the floor to accommodate the ambitious concept that will include The Limited (women’s fashion sportswear and dress), The Limited Express (trendier fashion), and Victoria’s Secret (intimate apparel).

Also moving in are two stores under the Woolf Brothers umbrella: Burberry’s, the classic British clothier, and Women’s Business, a professional apparel boutique.

And then there’s Talbot’s, a Massachusetts-based catalog retailer offering women’s apparel and accessories, and The Enchanted Village, a children’s educational and entertainment retailer.

At Galleria, Collections by Kenneth Gordon takes up residence on Level I. The store, the designer’s first one outside of Canal Place in New Orleans, will showcase classic looks for women in a range of fabrics and colors.

Coach leather devotees will sigh in relief now that the entire leatherware line will be contained in one store on Level I of Galleria near Marshall Field’s. Previously, Coach leatherware has only been available in department or larger specialty stores.

Just Add Water, Dallas’s most complete beach shop, gets into the swim on Level II of Galleria this fell.

Aspen Leaf, the popular Denver-based specialty shop, takes a hike out of its native Colorado to strike it rich at Dallas’s Galleria this fall. The fifty-year-old company will feature its renowned better sportswear, ski and tennis wear, along with sports equipment and the world’s first shop devoted exclusively to Boston Trader activewear.

And don’t forget the kids. Mickey & Co., a division of J.G. Hook, is scheduled to open a Mickey & Co. Children’s Store at Valley View Center. The store will offer Walt Disney-character clothing for children, ranging from infants to girls and boys.

From Mickey to Muffy: Jane Nevez opens this fall on the third level of Galleria and features upscale children’s clothes, including such well-known lines as Esprit, Monday’s Child, and Malley.

One Of A Kinds

And down the road at Stanley Korshak. the art deco designs of the artist Erte, commissioned by Harper’s Bazaar in the Twenties, are being applied to a limited edition knitwear collection. Each piece of the twelve-outfit collection, exclusive to SK in Dallas, is numbered and signed by the artist. The designs are being released in limited numbers from between 200 to 1,000 each. The Erte collection consists of chic, oversized sweaters and wrap capes in bright and muted tones, with each piece having a personal history. The “Tempete,” for example, is a dolman sleeve sweater based on a cover design for Harper’s. Sweaters start at $690 and run to $2,500 for a complete outfit.

Also exclusive to SK this fall will be a special collection from Alfredo Morelli, a Milanese designer. His cashmere dresses, sweaters, robes, and jogging suits are unique in silhouette and treatment, consisting of cocoons, color blocking with ribs and pleats.

Etro, a unique collection of personal accessories from Frank Mclntosh, will hit The Street of Shops October 1. And (no surprise here) it’s exclusive to SK. Gimmo Etro is known for his wool paisley challis fabrics inspired by the technique of Kashmir shawl brocade-weaving dating from the 15th century in India. Items include towels, rugs, scarves, robes, bed covers, and throws.

And last but not least, London designer Serina Hearn has joined the exclusive ranks of exclusive designers at Stanley Korshak. Best known for her creations for actress Kate O’Mura (Joan Collins’s TV sister on “Dynasty”), Heam works with unusual fabric combinations (such as black satin and silver quilting) to produce glamorous, body-conscious eveningwear.

Fashion Collectors

In April, the newly formed Dallas Fashion Collectors honored designer James Galanos in a gala dinner at the Hall of State. Proceeds from the spring Stanley Awards netted the Dallas Fashion Collectors, an arm of the Dallas Historical Society, almost $45,000. Fall plans for the group include the election of a new president.

To become a member of the Dallas Fashion Collectors, call John Crain or Elizabeth Roese at 421-5136. Membership is $100 per year.

Jewel of the Trinity

Dallas businessman and jeweler to the stars Jorge Miguel, along with Dallas writer Diane Jennings, brings jewelry lore and common sense together in Jewelry: How to Create Your Image, Miguel’s first effort in the publishing field. The book has recently been selected as one of 1986’s best reference books by Jewelry Circular Keystone, a leading jewelry trade publication.

Scattered throughout the book are tidbits of precious stone lore. For example, writes Miguel, “at one time, widows wore rings on their thumbs to indicate their marital status,” and “Elizabeth, the wife of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, usually wore a ruby as a talisman, but legend has it she failed to wear it on the day she was assassinated.” But then there are the facts: “diamonds, unlike other stones, are composed of a single element: carbon. Common pencil lead and diamonds are made of the same material; their atoms are merely arranged differently,” and “in the United States, no item containing less than 10 karats of gold may be sold as gold.”

For the past few years, designer and retail salon owner Miguel has been the official jeweler for the TV series “Dallas.” His new book offers tips on selection of jewels as well as matching the right jewel with the individual in terms of skin coloring, hair, and bone structure.

La Prairie and the Princess

Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia came to town recently to talk about Switzerland’s famed Clinique La Prairie. Feeling rejuvenated and healthy, Her Royal Highness told us about her experiences at the clinic, which specializes in cell revitalization.

She decided to try out the therapy of the clinic early this year when she witnessed her mother slowly slipping into Alzheimer’s disease and thought about her own future. At fifty, Princess Elizabeth says, she was “too young to get old.” Mother of three grown children (actress Catherine Oxenberg is among her offspring), Princess Elizabeth now feels “twenty again with no responsibilities” and credits the clinic with turning back the clock. The road back involved a strict regimen and cell injections at the Swiss hideaway. “I felt like I was sitting on a hairbrush,” says the princess, who explains that all ten injections are given at one time and in one place on the body.

Clinique La Prairie was founded in 1931 by Dr. Paul Niehans, an endocrinologtst who pioneered the cellular therapy that uses the introduction of new living cells into the body. Clinique La Prairie is the only facility in which living ceils are prepared fresh daily for therapeutic use. The clinic has treated more than 65,000 patients, and of those, 65 percent have said that they’ve experienced a remission in their aging ailments.

The Legs Have It

More than 1,000 styles of high fashion, contemporary, novelty, and everyday hosiery are available at the newest leg store in town, Something’s Afoot at Valley View Center. The store opened this summer, and according to owner Betsy Hochstim Fijolek, she’s up to her knees in business. Among the items that seem to be walking out the door on their own initiative are rhinestone-stud-ded socks and pantyhose, reports Fijolek, who had to reorder after just two days of business.

For fell, says Fijolek, socks will continue to be in great demand, and pantyhose, in all the jeweltones, will stay hot. Something’s Afoot carries designer labels such as Donna Karan, Perry Ellis, and Calvin Klein among its massive inventory.

The Suit Book For Dallas

Bigsby & Kruthers, the Chicago-based menswear store that opened this spring at The Crescent, is setting its sights on Dallas men in more ways than one. For the past two years, the Chicago store has produced The Suit Book, an award-winning brochure that pictorially depicts Chicago businessmen.

This fall, the Dallas store will follow Chicago’s lead and co-produce a photo essay with eight men from each city. So far, just one lucky guy from Dallas has been confirmed: Steven Sands, director of the Rosewood Corp. The brochure will be out in September.

On The Leather Front

High-fashion leather togs debuted this summer at Jean-Claude Jitrois, new to The Shops and Galleries of The Crescent. The leather (soft lambskin) is exclusively from France, and the finished designer wear starts at $550 and runs past $10,000.

The Jean-Claude Jitrois apparel line has been a favorite of many celebrities, so it’s no coincidence that the company uses the rich and famous to model the seasonal collections. This fall, look for the leatherclad family of Farah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal, and their new baby to showcase the latest. Past models include Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Brooke Shields. (Is this what came between Brooke and her Calvins?)

Sweet Smell of Success

Mid-October is the target date for the American uncapping of Parfum Hermes at the Dallas Hermes boutique in Highland Park Village. The perfume has been in circulation for about a year in France. Personnel at the Dallas store, along with simultaneous celebrations at the Beverly Hills and New York boutiques, will kick off the scent by cutting a giant red ribbon that will be wrapped around the store.

Open since August 1984, Fort Worth’s Parfum’Elle, at 6455 Southwest Blvd., is making quite a splash on the local perfume scene. With more than 300 fragrances (200 for women alone), owner Fares Lahoud is confident that his Mont Del Plaza store provides a unique service to the Metroplex. “I carry the old traditional fragrances that the department stores don’t carry anymore and I also have the newest fragrances out of Europe that are not yet in department stores,” he says. For example, the Fort Worth boutique has carried the latest rage, Poison by Dior, since last fall, and local department stores are just getting their first shipments.

Lahoud’s fragrance prices run the gamut from department store affordable to ultra expensive. But, says Lahoud, the services Parfum’Elle offers are worth the trip from Dallas for many of his customers. In addition to offering the latest scents, Lahoud will also custom-make body lotions and oils to go with your favorite perfume and will hand-deliver hard-to-find fragrances to your home. Lahoud also takes customers on buying trips to Europe. And you heard it here first: the next hottest scent from Europe will be Pour Mon Amour, says Lahoud.

Life on Lovers Lane

For those of you who have always wanted a hand-knitted sweater or dress but don’t have any obliging aunts or grandmothers, Elizabeth English has the answer at her new Miracle Mile store. Here, yarn from around the world is sold, and apparel is custom-made on the premises. The boutique is located at Devonshire and Lovers.

There’s a specialty store for everything these days. Bita, at Lovers and Inwood, offers a potpourri of hand-painted T-shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts from around the globe. The clothes are all handmade, some beaded, others hand-decorated.

European Menswear Explosion

Joining the ranks of retailers at The Crescent is Paris-based Beaubourg-A Touch of Paris. The 2,650-square-foot store will feature an extensive collection of sportswear for men by European sportswear designers such as Marithe & Francois Girbaud, Gianfranco Ferre, and Basile.

Hippolyte, the exclusive French menswear boutique, has put down roots in the Quadrangle for its premiere American store. In typical French fashion, the store carries heavyweight Italian designers such as Nino Cerruti, Giorgio Armani, Cornelian!, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and Hugo Boss. Store personnel describe the clothes as “country chic, urban sport, and new and classy evening elegance.”

And to help patrons find their way to the Quadrangle, store personnel are offering a little incentive: the store will offer complimentary cocktails between 5 and 6 p.m. each weeknight for late shoppers. And if that still doesn’t get you there in time, after-hours shopping appointments can be arranged. One more bonus: the store boasts same-day alterations and tailoring.

And, down the street at Highland Park Village, Gerard Thomas, which opened in late spring, offers a complete line of traditional and classic European handmade suits (Kiton is just one example), shirts, ties, sportswear, and leather accessories. The owners, Gerard Soulaine and Thomas Braun, scouted locations across the country before settling on Dallas’s Highland Park Village. “We found a good fit between our store and the market,” says Soulaine. Style’s not cheap: suits range from $750 to $1,550, swiss cotton shirts go for $85 to $185, and ties will set you back at least $40.

Working Women

Sherel Meyer of L’Executive at Village on the Parkway keeps expanding the range of services she offers for the working woman. This fall, she plans to introduce a club that will allow customers to acquire points for purchases and special services like discounts for dry cleaners. Meyer also plans to kick off image seminars and color workshops.

At the Movies

20th Century Fox and Sanger Harris have teamed forces for the debut of fall fashion ’86 in the form of a Dallas movie premiere. A benefit pre-screening of The Name of the Rose will be held on Saturday, September 20, at6:30 p.m. in the foyer of the Bob Hope Theatre on the SMU campus. Proceeds will benefit SMU’s Southwest Film/Video Archives. The screening will follow the reception at 8 p.m. The Name of the Rose, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (Black and White in Color and Quest for Fire), features Sean Connery and F. Murray Abraham.

The public is invited to meet the director at the pre-screening. For more information, call 373-3665.

Body Overhauls

Rebecca Jeffers, former director of beauty at the Golden Door spa and owner of Rebecca Jeffers Beaute (a private skin care salon in Preston Royal), has branched out to 5126 Lovers Lane, where she’s offering personalized European facial treatments, biological peeling, massage therapy, back facial (this sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it could be fun), total hair care and styling, complete nail and pedicure services, and waxing for hair removal as well as lash and brow tinting. Rebecca has studied with leading skin care authorities from London, Tokyo, and Paris and has conducted instructional seminars for aestheticians.

Fuzzy Reminders

We know you moisturize your face, but don’t forget your fur. According to local furrier Elizabeth Hirsch, it is absolutely necessary that the skins on your fur coat remain supple and soft in order for your coat to last. If the leather becomes too dry, it will crack from the heat. “Subjecting a fur coat to too much heat is like putting a pair of leather shoes in the oven,” she says.

But the big news in fur this fall is that the hemlines are dropping. If your fur can’t let its hair down this season, don’t worry about being out of style, says Hirsch. “The secret is to add a yoke at the top of the coat.” This process can lengthen coats up to seven inches and can be adapted for different looks for different seasons. The only thing necessary, says Hirsch, is that the coat be in good, supple condition.

Hairs Across America

Dallas hairstylist Paul Neinast has been selected by Glamour magazine as one of the top ten stylists in the country. The magazine lauded Neinast’s personal service to customers, which includes house calls and hair makeovers. But national recognition doesn’t come cheap: a cut/style by Neinast is $150 per hour plus a $50 transportation expense.

Fashion Dateline

Although it’s hard to visualize wearing wool sweaters and leather jackets while it’s still a blistering 100 degrees outside, you can look forward to making the transition to fall a little easier with fashion shows beginning at the end of August and continuing through November.


23 Valley View Mall starts off the fell season with a back-to-school fashion show.

25 Gerlo Scherer is having informal modeling every Thursday from 1-3 p.m. Fashions by German designer Jil Sander are featured.

27 Marie Leavell presents the entire fall line of designer Reuben Panis. Informal modeling all day. (Through Aug 29.)

28 Marshall Field’s “Country Shop” collection will be presented. Informal modeling and on-the-floor consulting will be available from 11 a.m. to4 p.m. Refreshments will be served. (Through Aug 29.)

28 Nannel’s collection of specialty knits and unique sweaters comes to Lester Melnick in Preston Royal. (Through Aug 29. Continues Aug 30 at Village on the Parkway.)


2 Miss Ellie Straub presents “The Best of American Couture” at Lester Melnick in Preston Royal. Informal modeling and a trunkshow. (Through Sept 5. Continues Sept 8 and 9 at the Village on the Parkway.)

4 Holly Harp will make a personal appearance at The Gazebo where her fell collection is being presented. Informal modeling 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Through Sept 5.)

4 Designer Luiz Archer will make a personal appearance at the downtown Nei-man-Marcus. Informal modeling of his fell collection will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Through Sept 5.)

4 Bloomingdale’s presents a fashion showfeaturing innovative European andAmerican designers such as ClaudeMontana and Terri Muegler. Informalmodeling from 3 to 6 p.m. in Plaza Elegante. (Through Sept 5, from 12-3 p.m.)

5 JCPenney, Chevrolet, and Glamourmagazine will sponsor a “Strategies forSuccess” seminar at The Registry Hotel.A fashion show will be part of the program . Tickets are $27.50 at the door and$25.00 in advance. For advance ticket information, call 1-800-524-1772. (ThroughSept 6.)

6 The menswear department at Bloomingdale’s is sponsoring a VJDJ fashionshow. Fall attire from the Y.E.S. collection will be modeled by local DJs in themen’s department.

7 Glamour magazine will host a seminar atthe NorthPark JCPenney. The fashionclinic starts at 2 p.m. and will offer consultations by Glamour editors on determining figure types and personalaccessories. For more information, call363-5281.

11 Marc D’Alcy sportswear will be presented at Lester Melnick in Preston Royal. (Through Sept 12. Continues Sept 13 at the NorthPark location.)

13 Bloomingdale’s will host a “Mother/Daughter” style show in Plaza Elegantefrom 1-2 p.m. Refreshments will beserved.

14 Designs by Donna Karan will be featuredat The Gazebo from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Informal modeling all day.

14 Bloomingdale’s will kick off a six-week-long celebration honoring the 100th birthday of its New York store. The festivities begin with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and continue with special events” scheduled throughout the celebration.

16 Sanger Harris will sponsor clinics for large-size women offering tips on how to dress and a fashion show. The latest styles from Ms. Russ, Chaus Woman, and Young Stuff will be featured. The clinic begins at 6:30 at the Town East store. (Sept 17 at 6:30 at Valley View; Sept 18 at 6:30 at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth; and Sept 20 at 12:30 in Richland Hills. An additional clinic will be held Oct 17 at Red Bird Mall.) Call 749-2723 for reservations.

17 Liz Claiborne will make a personal appearance at the downtown Sanger Harrisstore to introduce her new fragrance.

18 The designs of Karl Lagerfeld will be ondisplay at Bloomingdale’s in Plaza Elegante. Informal modeling from 1 to 3p.m. Refreshments will be served.

18 Sak’s Fifth Avenue will host a trunk show featuring designs from the Scasi boutique. Informal modeling from 12 to 3 p.m. (Through Sept 19.)

18 Sanger Harris launches its new “Career Expressions” department with a reception from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the downtown store. The department will feature fashions for today’s woman executive.

21 Bloomingdale’s and Gentlemen’s Quarterly will co-host a men’s fashion showfeaturing models from GQ magazinefrom 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the men’s department. Cocktails will be served. Tickets are available by calling 450-2300.

22 Sanger Harris will sponsor a one-hourwardrobe-building seminar. There is a$20 fee for the seminar. (At noon and6;30 p.m. at the Sheraton Park Central;Sept 23 at 6:30 at the Sheraton Park Central; Sept 24 at 12 p.m. at the Fort WorthWorthington and at 7 p.m. at the Arlington Sheraton.)

24 Lester Melnick introduces the fall collection of Australia’s foremost couture designer, George Gross. (Through Sept 25 at the Preston Royal location. Continues through Sept 27 at Village on the Parkway.)


6 Neiman-Marcus begins its annual Fortnight celebration. This year’s theme isthe “Land Down Under” and will featurefashions by leading Australian designers.Fortnight continues through Oct 25.

7 Sanger Harris will sponsor a fashionclinic for petite size women at 6:30 Valley View Center. Designers such asLiz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, and Prophecy will be featured. For reservations,call 749-2732. (Oct 8 at 6:30 at HulenMall in Fort Worth; Oct 16 at Red BirdMall.)

18 Bloomingdale’s presents “All Dolled Up,” a fashion show featuring little girl’s dresses and dolls from the newly expanded doll department. The show begins at 1 p,m.


8 Glamour magazine and Valley View Center are sponsoring a seminar on how todress up your wardrobe. (Through Nov 9.)

-Compiled by Anne Fullerton

Store Listings

The clothes and accessories on page DL4 and pages 10 through 23 and pages 30 through 37 are available at the following locations. If a particular garment is not available, most stores will special order upon request.

ADRIENNE VITTADINI is available at Lilly Dodson. Loretta Blum, Lou Lattimore, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

ANNE KLEIN is available at The Carriage Shop, Frost Bros., The Gazebo, Lester Melnick, Lilly Dodson, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Marshall Field’s, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

BILL BLASS is available at Colbert’s, Lou Lattimore, Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Stanley Korshak. CALVIN KLEIN is available at Blooming-dale’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

CHRISTOPHER FALLON is available at The Gazebo and Stanley Korshak.

CLEOPATRA is available at The Gazebo, Neiman-Marcus, and Stanley Korshak.

DAVID FELD is available at Lou Lattimore.

DONNA KARAN is available at Bloom-ingdale’s, The Gazebo, Lou Lattimore, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. ERTE is available at Neiman-Marcus and Stanley Korshak.

FLORA KUNG is available at Appropos, Harold’s, Flora Kung Boutique, Macy’s, Marie Leavell, Marshall Field’s, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

LIZ CLAIBORNE is available at Sanger Harris.

KARL LAGERFELD is available at Neiman-Marcus and Stanley Korshak.

MICHAEL BALLAS is available at Neiman-Marcus and Michael Jay Studio, 403 W. Mockingbird Lane, 630-1905.

MICHAEL KORS is available at The Gazebo, Neiman-Marcus, and Stanley Korshak.

NORMA KAMALI is available at Rue de Reves or through special order at OMO Norma Kamali, 11 West 56th Street, New York, New York 10019; (212) 957-9797.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA is available at Bloomingdale’s, The Gazebo. Lord & Taylor, Lou Lattimore, Marshall Field’s, Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Stanley Korshak.

RALPH LAUREN is available at Polo/ Ralph Lauren Dallas, Neiman-Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

RICHARD BROOKS is available at The Gazebo, Lilly Dodson. Marshall Field’s, Neiman-Marcus (NorlhPark), and Stanley Korshak.

STUART WEITZMAN is available at Hol-liday Shoes, Joseph’s (at Stanley Korshak),Marie Leavell, Neiman-Marcus, SmythBros., and Turtletique.


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