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By D Magazine |

Thumbs Down to the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association and local sportswriters for the less-than-friendly welcome they gave to the University of Houston football players and their fans. For one thing, it’s disgraceful that Cotton Bowl official Jim Brock can’t deny that one of the organization’s members said of the Houston visitors, “Half of these people will come up here and eat at the 7-Eleven store, and the other half will be trying to hold it up.” Secondly, most local sportswriters spent the week before the Cotton Bowl game insulting a reputable university that has unique problems. The apologetic column that Dallas Morning News sportswriter David Casstevens wrote on December 29 that called a halt to the name-calling was a case of too little, too late. Maybe the Coogs will win the Southwest Conference football title again next year and decide to forego the “pleasure” of coming to Dallas.