Everyone’s heard about the “monkey business” going on in Richardson-about the young girl who was bitten by a
chimpanzee, and how the city’s Department of Animal Control is trying to ban the chimp from Richardson. But the big
news is that the culprit isn’t a run-of-the-mill chimp; she’s president of the Dallas chapter of the Chili
Appreciation Society. And it isn’t socially acceptable to have the president of a civic-minded society biting little

Lulu is the charge of Michael Stower, owner of Rent-A-Chimp, Inc. Stower purchased Lulu about seven and
a half years ago and has taken her to birthday parties, benefits and all kinds of social functions. Two years ago, he
took Lulu to Terlin-gua for the annual chili cook-off. An election was held to name the president of the Chili
Appreciation Society. Lulu ran against celebrities such as KVIL vice president Ron Chapman, writer Dick Hitt and a
chicken. Lulu won overwhelmingly. She was re-elected this year.

Lulu and another chimp, Deena, are not only Stower’s roommates and social companions, they also are his
livelihood. In August, Stower took Deena to New York City to entertain at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. It was
Stower’s fifth year to appear at the match.

Deena and Lulu may be taken from Stower by the City of Richardson’s Department of Animal Control because of the biting
incident. When Stower lived within Dallas city limits, he was allowed to keep the chimps (which are considered
“dangerous and vicious animals”) because they are performing animals and are a part of his business.


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