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The Dallas Independent School District and the Texas Education Agency are to be commended for requiring every student who is graduated by a Dallas high school to pass a functional literacy test.

But before parents get their hopes up, they should look at what passes for acceptable writing by DISD administrators:

“Among most decision makers there is a strongly supported belief that the future doesn’t just happen but rather is created out of the combined effects of an organization’s long-term commitments, priorities, specified directions, and collective insights in addition to the unexpected and uncontrollable events interacting with these planned developments. This belief reasons it is essential for an organization to foresee future alternatives and long-term consequences of its critical decisions in order to shape them and ultimately enhance and broaden the quality of life for its members. Organizations adhering to this belief assume responsibility for their existence and peculiar development and attempt to control the unpredictable and capricious forces. They believe there is a solution to problems and conflicts and direct a portion of their limited resources toward problem solving.”

So reads the opening paragraph of a DISD pamphlet, “The Educational and Economic Future of the Dallas Independent School District.”

That future is looking pretty bleak. Maybe the administrators who find this gob-bledegook acceptable will be among the 200 bureaucrats that Superintendent Linus Wright is eliminating from one of the most top-heavy systems in Texas.

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