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Thumb Awards

By D Magazine |

Thumbs Down: To Commissioner Roy Orr for requesting a grant of$l1,373 to start a newsletter for county employees “to bolster their morale.” We can think of a much cheaper way for Orr and his fellow commissioners to lift county spirits. Try competency. It’s free.

Thumbs Up: To Pat Curry of Addison. Pat was shopping at San-ger Harris in Valley View Mall when he noticed a commotion near the door. “Two girls, shoplifters,” an elderly security guard told him. “There they go,” said the guard, pointing out across the parking lot. Pat, who happens to have run track for North Texas State for five years, took off. Two hundred yards later he grabbed the two girls, who whirled in astonishment. “We’re security,” they screamed, flashing their credentials. “There go the real ones.” Sure enough, some 400 yards down LBJ Freeway, the two culprits were hightailing it for freedom. Pat took off again, and ran down his prey, tackling them to the ground. He returned them to the custody of the Sanger’s security people who professed profound thanks, saying they’d been trying to catch these two girls for five weeks. For his heroism, Pat was informed by the Sanger Harris security officers of a $500 reward.

Thumbs Down: To Sanger Harris. Pat Curry never even got a thank you note from them, much less $500.