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30 Design Trends Worth Keeping, Ditching, and Starting

This Year’s Best Designers weigh in on the latest interior design styles.
| |Photography Courtesy of Companies
Photography courtesy of companies

Trends get a bad rap. Fleeting and often overdone, they are, to say the least, divisive among designers. But good ideas have to start somewhere, right? Admits designer Cheryl Van Duyne: “Occasionally a good trend stays around because it was a good idea.” 

Indeed, even design purists can have a little fun with a fad from time to time. We asked our Best Designers to tell us the trends they’d like to see have some staying power, those they’re ready to say buh-bye to, and the ones they’d like to see catch on.

1. “Rattan furniture.”—Emily Larkin, EJ Interiors

2. “White walls.” —Alice Cottrell, Alice Cottrell Interior Design

3. “Mural wallpaper.” —Chelsea Hargrave, Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

4. “Painted floors.” —Cathy Kincaid, Cathy Kincaid Interiors

5. Sphere-shaped pillows.”  —Emory McKim, Emory McKim Design

6. “Paneled walls—painted or stained, traditional or modern.” —Christina Garcia Lysaught, Layered Dimensions Interior Design

7. “Passementerie. We love trimmings!” —Mary Elizabeth Canon, Canon & Dean Design

8. “Smaller, more defined spaces.” —Lisa Henderson, Lisa Henderson Interiors

9. “Tiling all the walls in a kitchen.” —Hillary Littlejohn, Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

10. “A mixture of metal finishes, especially in kitchens and baths!”  —Javier Burkle, Burkle Creative

1. “Karate-chopped pillows.” —Jan Showers, Jan Showers & Associates 

2. “Open-concept living.” —Emily Larkin, EJ Interiors

3. “I have seen enough Calacatta Viola marble to last a lifetime. I agree it is a beautiful stone, but seriously, enough already.” —Joshua Rice, Joshua Rice Design

4. “Curved sofas.” —Alice Cottrell, Alice Cottrell Interior Design

5. “Satin brass!” —Erin Sander, Erin Sander Design

6. “Shearling furniture. It’s sadly so overdone.” —Susan Bednar Long, S.B. Long Interiors

7. “Wicker/rattan light fixtures.” —Carrie Collins-Barron, Carrie Barron Interiors

8. “Wallpapering an accent wall. It looks like you didn’t finish the job!”—Lindley Arthur, Lindley Arthur Interiors

9. “White houses with black windows.” —Cathy Kincaid, Cathy Kincaid Interiors

10. “Fluted stone.” —Noel Pittman, Noel Pittman Design

1. “Bringing back supercool drapery tiebacks.” —Julie Hayes, Simms Hayes Design

2. “Unfitted kitchens.” —Noel Pittman, Noel Pittman Design

3. “Picture rails.” —Emily Larkin, EJ Interiors

4. “A pop of color inside cabinets.” —Heidi Arwine, Heidi Arwine Interiors

5. “Making laundry rooms larger.” —Shannon Bowers, Shannon Bowers Designs

6. “Armless sofas.” —Ginger Curtis, Urbanology Designs

7. “Dogs allowed on furniture in every room.” —Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interiors

8. “High-voltage hues.” —Roz Murphy, Roz Murphy Design

9. “Unpadded fabric walls.” —Carrie Collins-Barron, Carrie Barron Interiors

10. “Tiny rooms for turntables and record collections.” —Janet Gridley, Janet Gridley

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