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The 2024 Best Designers in Dallas

We polled the top interior designers in town on their best-kept secrets, their favorite design details, and more.
Design by Erin Sanders. Nathan Schroder Photography

Designers are a knowledgeable bunch. Want to know the best height at which to hang your art? The pros and cons of marble countertops? Or which fabrics are most adept at surviving stains and spills? Designers have the answers. But tapping their advice usually comes at a price.

As D Home celebrates 20 years of recognizing the top design minds in Dallas, we asked them to share their secrets—go-to tiles, trusted paint shades, trends they love, and those they wish would get lost. They more than delivered. Read on for designer-approved picks for every room in your house. Plus, get the complete list of the Best Designers in Dallas 2024.

The Best Designers in Dallas

A Well Dressed Home

Alexis Pearl Design

What’s your most perused coffee table book?

Dogs by Tim Flach. His photography is so beautful, and my entire family loves this book. It’s a good go-to for our clients as well.” —Alexis Pearl, Alexis Pearl Design

Alice Cottrell Interior Design

Allison Seidler Interiors

Amy Gibbs Interiors

Amy’s Interiors

Angeline Guido Design

Anne Williams Design

Avrea and Company

Baker Design Group

What light fixtures look good in any house?

“Trick Question! Lighting should be intimate, the proper scale, spark connection, and provide function. This can look different for every space in every home.” —Lisa Floyd, Baker Design Group

Barbara J. Vessels Interiors, Inc.

Betty Lou Phillips Interiors

Bobbitt & Company Interior Design


Burkle Creative

What’s one design trend you wish would go away?

“Open-concept floor plans and big box houses. Smaller, well-designed rooms are more conducive to curated design and purposefully used spaces!” —Javier Burkle, Burkle Creative

Caitlin Wilson Design

Cameron Drinkwater Interiors

Canon & Dean Design

What’s the best piece of design advice you ever received?

“Every room should have a little bit of black in it.” —Mary Elizabeth Canon, Canon & Dean Design

Carrie Barron Interiors

Carrie Hatfield Interior Design

Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Chad Dorsey Design

Chambers Interiors & Associates

Charlotte Comer Interiors, Inc.

Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

What is your designer pet peeve?

“When one says ‘drapes’ instead of ‘drapery’. Drapes is a verb.” —Chelsea Hargrave, Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

Cheri Etchelecu Interior Design

Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Design

Who is the local artist you most admire?

“There are many, but Polly Gessell does amazing art with glass.” —Cheryl Van Duyne, Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Design

Collins & Sweezey

Collins Interiors

Dallas Design Group Interiors

Dana Bass Designs

Deborah Walker + Associates

Debra Stewart Interior Design

Deleo & Fletcher Design

Denise McGaha Interiors

Dona Rosene Interiors

Doniphan Moore Interiors

Dunbar Road Design

What are six items every house should have?

“Natural Sunlight, items that mean something to you, built-ins so you can hide your clutter, lamps for low lighting at night, fresh flowers, and a great candle.” —Carla Fonts, Dunbar Road Design

EJ Interiors

EJM Interior Design

What commercial or hospitality space in Dallas whose interior design most inspires you?

“The Crescent Hotel. It’s like Paris in Dallas. —Ellett J. Miciotto, EJM Interior Design

Emily Summers Design Associates

Emory McKim Design

Erin Sander Design

Fagan White Design

Heidi Arwine Interiors, LLC

Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

What’s a design trend you’d like to start?

“Fabulous artwork in the powder bath.” —Hillary Littlejohn, Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

House of Amelia

IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Ike Isenhour Inc

J. Wiley Designs  

Jan Jones LLC

What’s your MVP appliance or electronic item?

“The exhaust fan in the exterior wall adjacent to the cat boxes in my laundry room. It runs 24/7 and gets rid of cat box odor … designed by my husband!” —Jan Jones, Jan Jones LLC

Jan Showers & Associates

Janet Gridley LLC

Jase Jones & Associates

Jean Liu Design, LLC

What china do you use when you want to impress your guests? 

“All my artisanal Japanese ware from Toiro Kitchen.” —Jean Liu, Jean Liu Design

Jenkins Interiors

Joanie Wyll & Associates Inc.

John Phifer Marrs Interiors

Joseph Minton, Inc.

Joshua Rice Design

Josie McCarthy Associates

Kara Adam Interiors

What’s your signature design detail?

“A cafe curtain with a contrasting or funky trim.” —Kara Adam, Kara Adam Interiors

Kirsten Kelli

Kristen Fegale Interiors

Kristin Mullen Designs

Lark Interiors

Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Inc.

Layered Dimensions Interior Design

Linda Fritschy Interior Design

Lindley Arthur Interiors

What wallpaper is  guaranteed to wow?

“Hand-painted wallpapers from Gracie is worth the splurge every time.” —Lindley Arthur, Lindley Arthur Interiors

Lisa Henderson Interiors

Lynn Sears Interiors Inc.

Maddie Hughes Designs

MADRE Design

Maestri Studio

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC

Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

Meredith Ellis Design

Meredith Steinhart Interior Design

Michelle Nussbaumer Design

Michelle’s Interiors

What’s the one item you’re dying to put into a project right now?

“I really want to do a floor-to-ceiling tiled green bathroom!  So chic.” —Michelle Kopfer Roberts, Michelle’s Interiors

Monica Wilcox Interiors

Morgan Farrow Interiors

What’s your signature candle and scent?

“Santal in all forms.” —Morgan Farrow, Morgan Farrow Interiors

Morrissey Home

Neal Stewart Design Assoc. Inc

Noel Pittman Design

What’s the first thing you’d get for your home if money were no object?

“A Diego Rivera or [Alfred0] Ramos Martínez painting.” —Noel Pittman, Noel Pittman Design

Nuance Interiors

Pam Kelley Design

Pamela Fitch Design

Paul Draper Design

Paul Duesing Partners

Peters Cates Design, Inc.

What’s your sure-to-make-a-statement tile?

“Current favorite: Clé’s ‘zellige | tea ceremony | square.’” —Bill Cates, Peters Cates Design

Peyton Riley Design

Pickering House Interiors

Poppy McGough Design House

Pulp Design Studios

R. Brant Design

Richard Gordon Design

Richard Trimble & Assoc., Inc.

Rick Rozas Design

Robyn Menter Design Associates, Inc.

What is a chair that every design hound should have?

An Eames chair. “It’s a classic that works with both traditional and modern.” Robyn Menter, Robyn Menter Design Associates, Inc.

Roz Murphy Design

S.B. Long Interiors

Salem & Associates

Samantha Fisher Interiors

Sara Johnson Interiors

Schooler, Kellogg & Co

Sees Design

Seitz Design

Shannon Bowers Designs

Shelby Wagner Design

What’s your best Amazon design find?

“Vintage coffee table books.” —Shelby Wagner, Shelby Wagner Design

Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Simms Hayes Design

What’s your can’t-go-wrong paint color?

“Spanish Red by Benjamin Moore. A great way to make a statement and it blends surprisingly well with a lot of colors.” —Julie Hayes, Simms Hayes Design

Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design

Studio Thomas James

Studio White Interiors

SWOON, the Studio

What’s your favorite rug?

“Vintage Turkish rugs look beautiful in every room, regardless of the aesthetic.” —Joslyn Taylor, SWOON, the Studio

Ten Plus Three

Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design Inc

Tori Rubinson Interiors

Traci Connell Interiors

What is one question a client should always ask when meeting with a prospective designer?

“Can you give me an example of your best client experience and your worst client experience?” —Traci Connell, Traci Connell Interiors

Traci White Designs

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Trish Sheats Interior Design

Urbanology Designs

Wendy Konradi Interior Design

Williams Design, Inc. 

Woolery Associates

Yates Desygn

What’s a design trend you wish would stay?

“Curated maximalism.” —Bryan Yates, Yates Desygn

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