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Breaking Down the Facts and Fluff on Bedding

We answer your burning questions (top sheet: yay or nay?) and share everything you need for a dreamy oasis.
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Top Sheet: Yay or Nay?

The results are in: The top sheet is still king. “We love top sheets,” says Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios. “We always create layers in our clients’ beds to make them feel that much more luxurious.” Despite the strong majority, some designers find that many millennial clients are opting out. “I love the simplicity of European bedding,” designer Carrie Hatfield says. “That flat sheet usually ends up wrinkled.”

The Most Expensive Mattress

Would you spend $189,000 on a mattress? Thanks to Dallas Luxury Beds, you can. That model takes upward of 400 hours to make. The showroom offers Hästens and Vispring mattresses (yes, at lower price points) and an array of comfy accoutrements.

The Great Thread-Count Mystery

Mary Ella Gabler of Peacock Alley helps us stitch it together.

Don’t go over 600, says Peacock Alley founder Mary Ella Gabler. Fabric quality matters more. “There are 500 to 600 yarns that can be woven together per square inch,” she says. “There are mills that split the threads to claim a higher thread count and create a heavier, thicker product that doesn’t feel as good.”

Linen vs. Cotton

The rise of linen bedding may leave you wondering which fabric is for you. “Basically, it’s personal preference,” says Terri Plauche of Casa di Lino. Linen bedding, like in clothing, will wrinkle more easily. But, she says, it will soften the more you launder it.

Diva Wash

Women get stopped on the street thanks to this laundry wash. Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash in “Diva” will give your linens the same aromatically enticing effect. Word to the wise: Mix ¼ cup of the wash with ¾ cup of unscented detergent to keep the scent from overpowering.

Sleep Scents

The Vitruvi stone diffuser acts as a design element and self-care tool. Pick an oil based on your greatest need: lavender to soothe, eucalyptus to stimulate, or pink grapefruit to refresh. ($119/Goop)


Pillows by Position

Merrimac Dillon of The Pillow Bar props us up.

A back sleeper needs a medium-firm pillow so the head can find a natural alignment with the spine.

Opt for a firm pillow. Height, gender, and age also play a big role in customization.

A stomach sleeper needs the softest, flattest pillow so the head is close to the mattress.

Our Favorite Towels


The SDH Legna towel is silky, pretty, and soft—and feels great after multiple washes. ($115/Casa di Lino)


The JCPenney Home Quick Dri is thin but plush and dries as the name suggest, super fast. ($14/JCPenney)

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