Barbara and John Kauffman have been in the business of offering the rare and unusual for 28 years photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Bon Ton Vintage: Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Explore Barbara and John Kauffman's curated finds.

“I’m just as much of a collector today—of dolls and the like­—as I was when I was 6. It’s just who I am.” —Barbara Kauffman photography by Elizabeth Lavin
photography by Elizabeth Lavin
Dallas’ top stylists have known about this two-story warehouse of wonders for years. And now we’re letting you in on the secret. Nestled just south of Waxahachie, off US Highway 77 and Main Street in Forreston, Bon Ton Vintage is worth the drive. Here, vintage vinyl records mix with antique costume jewelry, one-of-a-kind home interior pieces from years ago, and period costumes. And every object has a story—all you have to do is ask store owners Barbara and John Kauffman. The couple delight in talking about their treasures almost as much as they delight in each other. (The two married after knowing each other a mere 13 days. They performed in a jazz band before opening shop.) While there’s little doubt that the Kauffmans are extreme collectors—the quantity of merchandise here is vast—Barbara would prefer that you not use the “H” word. “I’m not a hoarder. We were—and still are—eccentric,” she says. “But to me, people who don’t collect are crazy.”  As for what Barbara is loving at the moment, she says, “I’m crazy for the 1980s right now, but you have to mix the old with the new. It keeps things interesting.” Bon Ton just celebrated 28 years of offering carefully curated finds. So do stop by. You’re sure to leave with a good story and inspiration to start a new collection.

Bon Ton is located at the corner of U.S. Hwy 77 and Main Street in Forreston. From Dallas, take I-35 North, then head east on Forreston Road (Exit 391). Store hours are Thursday through Sunday from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.


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