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You Can Now Lease This Crazy Tiki Hut Guest House in Greenway Parks

Mai Tai not included.

In lieu of a “Hot Property” this week, we’re breaking format to present you with a home that brings us pure, unadulterated joy. To get there, let’s go on a little mental journey, shall we?

First, we’ll travel to a charming street in Greenway Parks, where we’ll walk through a nice, single-family home all the way to the backyard pool. From there, we’ll stroll across the world’s tiniest bridge* until we find ourselves at a Tiki hut so meticulously appointed it could give Disney’s enchanted version a run for its pineapples.

We know what you’re thinking. Who really wants to live in a Tiki hut? A one Catherine Downes of all your favorite D Magazine food-related news is your answer, so surely there are more whimsical, Tiki drink-loving Dallas dwellers out there. Plus, “Tiki time” is still very much a thing here. But kitsch aside, the studio apartment is actually a pretty sweet deal. The hardwood floors are gorgeous, the countertops and appliances are all brand new, and the monthly fee includes utilities (aside from cable/internet) as well as all the furniture. Tenants are even allowed to cross that tiny bridge to enjoy the pool.

The party is most definitely at your place.


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*hyperbole is fun